how to build lean muscle

If you have been bitten by the bug of competition or just want to look a bit bigger and stronger, it is necessary that the percentage of muscle mass in your body increases, but nothing is so simple on this path. If you want to gain muscle weight, you also go up a little in weight of fat. If you exceed the fat, your body will look great but rounded, lacking the definition with some or a lot of belly. Here I give some useful tips to get lean muscle weight low fat index.


1 – Diet is the Key.


Gaining or losing weight is directly related to food intake, i.e. what and how much you eat and the caloric expenditure, in other words, how much of that intake is spent. If your daily activities add spending produced by exercise, you are forcing your body to consume many more calories than a person with a sedentary lifestyle; however, if you intend to increase your muscle ratio without increasing too much of your natural reserve of fat, the strict regulation of the diet is fundamental. If your diet is about 4000 calories a day and you keep an ideal weight with good muscle mass, your caloric increase should not go beyond 800-1000 calories or else you will begin to gain weight and your figure will suffer aesthetically.


2 – The Key in Diet are Carbohydrates.


Fiber is good for your digestive system’s speed and it also offers vitamins and minerals, the protein is restorative food for tissue muscle, fat is your natural energy reserves and carbohydrates are those that provide energy for daily consumption to your body. People generally consume excess carbohydrates which make do not metabolize the fat to be used and it is for this simple reason that the body fattens. If you want to increase your muscle mass without gaining a little too much weight and without increasing the diameter of your waist, increase carbohydrate consumption, but only to the extent that you are going to use. If you eat too many carbs, you will surely get fat. The appropriate quantity of carbohydrate depends on a few factors as your level of training, the intensity with which you train and the frequency of your attendance at the gym among others. For a greater volume, frequency and intensity of training, you need more carbohydrates.


3 – Increase Protein


As I mentioned above, the protein is muscle food and cannot increase your muscle mass without increasing your protein intake. In general, to maintain your muscle mass, you must consume one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you want to increase your lean muscle weight and six packs abs with truth about abs review program, you should raise this proportion between 2 and 3 grams of protein per kilogram of muscle weight, dividing meals in at least six meals a day to keep your metabolism high.

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