Keeping fit at home isn’t as challenging as you may think. Gymnastics is a sport that is demanding on all of its practitioners and it offers some great exercises to help you stay in great physical shape. The best thing about gymnastics is that it’s an individual sport and you can practice it, not only in the training hall, but at home as well.

If you are looking to get fit and healthy, then gymnastics training is just what you have been looking for. So let’s take a look at 10 of the best Gymnastic moves to keep you fit at home. All of the exercises we are about to recommend can be done without the assistance of any equipment, all you need is a space to work out and some clothes to get sweaty in.

  1. The warm up. This is probably the most critical and most often overlooked part of a workout. Your eagerness to get started may stop you from warming up properly, this is a big mistake and can land you with an injury, so make sure that you are properly warmed up and your muscles, ligaments and joints are limber and loose.
  2. These bad boys of the cardio world will get your lungs gasping and your blood moving. For an easy way to monitor your sprint length, go into the street and do sprints between the street poles.
  3. Push-ups & Pull-ups. These simple exercises can help you learn how to handle your own body-weight. This is crucial in gymnastics as you need to have complete control over you muscular and nervous system in order to perform at your peak. Bodyweight calisthenics are by far the best way to build your strength up.
  4. Splits are a great way to keep your groin flexible and keep your adductors and abductors in your legs in great shape. They are often overlooked as they are painful to practice in the beginning but with a little time and repetition, you will begin to see positive results and greater strength from consistent practice.
  5. Balance scales. A simple way to improve your balance is by standing on one leg, with the other extended out in front of you. If your leg is in front of you, this is called a front scale and if it is behind you, it is called a reverse scale. This exercise is great for teaching better balance and can be practiced absolutely anywhere you are at any time of day.
  6. Mastering the vertical jump is a practice that takes a lot of time and repetition. Jumps will develop your explosive power and get all your fast-twitch muscle fibres responding to sudden stimulus. Start off small and keep jumping until you reach your maximum height.
  7. They are another great exercise that builds your agility and your co-ordination. To practice them, make sure that you have a good space to leap in and then practice, practice, practice.
  8. A standard requirement in gymnastics are turns. Turns are used in both floor and beam routines; they keep your co-ordination at its peak
  9. Your routine. Putting it all together is where the magic happens.Your workout should consist of all of the above laid out into a programme that you and your lifestyle. Your consistent application of the techniques and the exercises will determine your fitness and your health going forward. Make sure your workout is structured and enjoyable.
  10. The cooldown. This is last on the list and the most important by far. During the workout, your body releases free-radicals and toxins that enter your bloodstream. This lactic acid build-up is what keeps you stiff and sore for a few days after your workouts. To combat this effect of training, make sure you stretch after every workout and get your heartrate back down to its baseline using the movements and stretches combined with deep breathing.


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We mentioned that you don’t really need any equipment for this sort of workout, however, if you could buy one piece of equipment that will benefit you and your training for years to come, then make sure that you invest in some quality mats to train on. There are a lot of mat suppliers to choose from, the most popular brands being Resilite, Dollamur and Ez Flex. These mats are all high quality, but very pricey and can coast an arm and a leg. An example at the other end of the spectrum are AK Athletics, reasonable quality for a reasonable price.

If you want the very best, at the very best price possible, then the mat manufacturer and supplier you need to work with to make your home gymnastics setup possible, are McBryde Mats. McBryde Mats make amazing quality mats, for a reasonable price that doesn’t break the bank like the other industry leaders. In our experience, McBryde Mats are our top choice if you want to invest in the best equipment for your home gymnastics training.

So take these 10 of the best Gymnastic moves to keep you fit, you don’t need to be an Olympian to benefit from them, all you need is a little commitment and consistency to use them to improve your health and your quality of life, good luck!


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