Lose Weight, Sculpt 6 Pack Abs, Get Wellbeing and happiness is a fantasy being sold in most if not all mainstream media.

Truth is that, to get visible abs, you must rid stubborn belly fat. Crunches and sit ups will never help. The vicinity of having visible fats in women is 15% as compared to 10% in men. However it required commitment to clean nutrition and regular exercise. Getting too much lean may leads to amenorrhea or deregulation. So only go for 16 to 20% fat reduction, if you are female. So let’s start with food

For perfect abs your Kitchen is King

Clean eating is key to burn fat. No one can out-exercise junk food. So pay attention what enters you pie hole. Avoid eating processed, crappy food and eat clean Paleo diet initially. Moderate amount of fat (25% of daily meal) is compulsory to fuel up your daily activity. Starving, restricting calories, or eating too low fat, will work against your goal and increase cortisol and hence increase abdominal fat. Add appropriate amount of lean protein, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

If food is King, Sleep is the Queen

With exercise and nutrition in a row, sleeping 8 hours in night is compulsory. Inadequate sleep whacks out hormones which is bad. A study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that lack of sleep cause weight gain, because it slow down the metabolism, increase cortisol level and increase appetite. It also deregulates leptin and ghrelin hormones that basically alarm the hunger.

Straight 8 hours are necessary but not sufficient, it’s quality of sleep that matters. Prefer dark rooms, and night time sleep for better results.

Six Pack Highly Depends Genetics

Although not supported with empirical research, the fat deposition pattern vary from person to person depending on genetics. Some people carry most fat on butts, some on thighs and some on upper arms. However one can even have visible 6 pack abs, despite of unfavorable genetics. But at a cost of time, effort and even money. But one must set his or her priorities. You will never need to spend or spare your precious family or business time for getting looks on tummy.

Usually we idolize the athletes with 8+ packs, without knowing the story behind, the compromise, discipline, injuries, training and the like. For few people ripped bodies are natural byproduct of their regular training routine and that is what we called genetics. Read more about abs at Truth About Abs.


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