Staying fit is about discipline, the ability to wake up early, put on your shorts and head to the park for a jog. You’ve got to eat well, make the most of your local gym and stay consistent in your daily routine.

But most of us can barely stave off the temptation to order a takeaway or have a few pints of Guinness in an evening. How can we build up a resistance to the idea of devouring a Game of Thrones box set in favour of a kale smoothie and a few press-ups?

Let’s try together with a few of these tips, shall we?

Slow build

You don’t have to endure a tireless, seemingly endless workout regime when you’re just starting out. When a night vegging on the settee is calling you, a brisk 15 minute workout can be enough to get you into shape – for a while, at least.

After a few weeks, you’ll have built up enough energy to add another five or 10 minutes to your daily session. Building up in slow increments is the perfect way to catch the exercise bug. Pretty soon you’ll be enjoying a full workout that’ll keep you lean.

The right course

After school or university, your ability to remain focused on a single task probably slipped, as it does for most people. Instead of hitting the books with an evening, you’ve happily vegged out in front of the telly or had a nap.

To build up some extra discipline, getting back into a learning state of mind could be beneficial to you. Courses for personal training are available online and will help you focus your mind, Jedi-style, on the task at hand.

These courses will provide you with lessons in nutrition, fitness, communication and even how to turn your cardiovascular prowess into a viable money-spinner.

We’d recommend one of these courses to everyone, from seasoned pros to try-hard upstarts. You’ll all learn something important.

Look to the pros

Every artist has their muse, every writer has their heroes – and every fitness fanatic should have their sporting legends.

Usain Bolt, David Beckham, Mr Motivator – whoever you feel has hit the heights you long to reach, study their workout regime and ape it meticulously.

It’s why fitness DVDs feature celebrity endorsements and Olympians discuss their heroes. We all need someone to drive us forward, to help us become the best version of ourselves. Sometimes that means using someone as a benchmark to reach, and other times it simply means taking pieces from someone’s daily routine and using it yourself.

Can you think of other ways to get yourself motivated for a workout? Then let us know!


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