Ask most casual golf players the reason why they experience pain during the game – or have bad games, and they might tell you it has something to do with their swing. While they might be right, both the abovementioned problems arise when a golfer’s body is weak and inflexible.

In stark contrast to what a layman says – pay heed to their words and you might end up reading top garbage disposal reviews instead of playing golf, the game involves a lot of exertion. For, you have to swing for at least 75times from the same side of your body, which might result in overuse injuries and muscle imbalances.

Hence, before you learn how to improve your golf swing, it is imperatively you pay attention to your physical fitness.

Here are 4 exercise which will help you build strength and power in your golf swing.

Seated Rotation

Why one should do it: Anybody who wants to improve his rotational mobility, which is a key part of the golf swing, should do this exercise.

How to do this exercise: First of all, sit on the floor. Your legs should be front of you, your knees should be bent and heels should be lifted a few inches from the ground. Now, lean back a little and extend your arms in the direction of your legs, palms together. Now, slowly move your torso to the left, pause a few seconds, then to the left. Repeat this exercise.

Standing Ys

Why one should do it: If anybody wants to dissolve the effects which come from extended hours of sitting, or simply wants to improve shoulder mobility, should do this exercise.

How to do this exercise: First of all, glide the shoulder blades in the rear side and towards the ground. Now, as you might have seen monks in Hollywood movies, raise your arms over your head. Remember, your arms should form a “Y”.

Standing Wood Chop

Why One Should do It: If anybody wants to integrate the movement of his hips, shoulders, and back, while also increasing both flexibility and strength, this exercise might come handy.

How to do this exercise: Take a resistance band and place it underneath the left foot. Simply, bend your knees and push the resistance band towards the right. After you’ve performed at least 8 and at most 12 vibrations, rest. After 30 seconds, switch sides and go again. Repeat this exercise three times.

Lateral Lunges

Why One Should do it: If anybody wants to improve the range, power and strength of his hips – which this exercise does by indulging them in a side-to-side movement, this exercise is a must.

How to do this exercise: First of all, maintain perfect posture. Now, take an extended step to your left-hand side, making sure your entire weight shifts that way. In this manner, your left leg would be bent while the right one would be straight. The toes of both feet should be pointing in the forward direction. After doing the exercise with one leg, switch to the other. Switch 8-12times, then take a rest of 30seconds.


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