If you’re looking to get much fitter, then there are plenty of ways to go about it. However, which is the best suited for you and your lifestyle? Confused? Undecided? Don’t worry. Here, we run through four simple and easy ways to get fit, so that you can choose your favourite. Check it out below!

Cycle To Work

If you don’t want to strain yourself too much and have a bike lying around at home, then this could be for you. Cycling to work each and everyday will give you a great amount of exercise while also giving you more time in the morning. If you normal walk to work then your commute time could be cut in half by cycling there instead. A lot of companies are doing cycle to work schemes where they offer incentives if you commute each day in such a way. Maybe it is time that you got on board! Get your bike out of the garage, hose it down, and start getting fitter today. You’ll notice the difference in just a couple of weeks – it’ll get easier! If you haven’t got hold of a bike, then make the small investment of picking one up. Circle City Bicycles, for one, sell affordable bikes that’ll help you get around the town before and after work.

Hit The Gym

If you want to max out your fitness levels and lean more towards the other end of the spectrum, then it’s probably worth signing up for a gym membership. Be sure to try and go as many times as possible each week. You should ideally be going, at least, three times to make a difference, but not more than six. This is because you need a rest day, or you may be more susceptible to injury! Gym memberships don’t cost all that much these days and are, therefore, a sound investment.


Next up, if you don’t fancy shelling out for a gym membership just to use the cardio machines, then start jogging! It’s free, easy, and all you need is a pair of running trainers. Providing you can rummage up some of those, you’re good to go! If you’re looking for an excellent way to burn calories, then jogging is just that. You’ll soon feel fitter in no time if you start going for a run before and after work. Try and schedule your jogs around your showering routine. If you run before every time you wash, then you will be maintaining a very good upkeep on your fitness.

Join A Sports Club

Finally, consider joining a sports club. If you don’t like the idea of isolated exercise, then playing a sport against or alongside some clubmates is sure to incentivize you a bit more. Some people need a competitive edge to be able to enjoy getting fit, and if that is you, that’s fine. Just be sure to act on your competitive urges and sign up for a sports team ASAP! You’ll really feel the benefits, and it’s also a great chance to meet and make new friends.
Hopefully, this guide has given you all the info you need when it comes to getting fit. These four solutions for upping your exercise game are all enjoyable but will suit each individual differently. Pick one or a couple and get started today! The new, fitter, slimmer you is just around the corner!


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