Back pain, whether acute or chronic, can have a negative impact on one’s quality of life. Until you obtain relief from the excruciating pain, there is very little you can concentrate upon. According to the latest numbers, it seems that there are millions of people who suffer from back pain, paying a lot of money for expensive treatments that do not provide the desired results. Yoga is a great alternative, as it is a holistic practice and it can help you restore the balance in your spine. Let us discover different ways yoga can help with back pain.

#1 Controlled breathing

The concept of controlled breathing is one of the staple points of yoga, allowing you to eliminate any tension you might have accumulated in your back. In essence, by practicing controlled breathing, you are entering into a state of deep relaxation (mental and physical). If your back pain is caused by stress or physical tension, learning how to breathe in a slow and gradual manner will be more helpful than any other treatment you might have tried.

#2 Spine flexibility

One of the main reasons why back pain appears is poor posture. We spend a lot of time sitting, which in time leads to a reduced range of motion in our spines. The different poses of yoga will help you regain the flexibility of the spine, thus obtaining the much-desired relief from the back pain. The more you engage in practicing yoga poses, the better lubricated your vertebral discs are going to be. This means that the risk of a hernia is going to be considerably reduced, with yoga acting as a prophylactic measure and more effectively than any other back pain treatment.

#3 Hamstrings & piriformis

The interesting thing about back pain is that it can be caused by problems in other areas. At the same, once it appears, it can reinforce those problems and place the sufferer in a vicious cycle. Whether you are spending a lot of time sitting or you engage in repetitive motions on a frequent basis, both your hamstrings and the piriformis muscle can suffer. Yoga can help you eliminate the tightness present in those muscles, thus reducing the back pain. There are a lot of poses that can be used to stretch those muscles, so make sure to give yoga a try.

#4 Improved balance

Often, the back pain is caused by a lack of balance between the two sides of the body. Yoga includes some poses that are meant to increase your core stability, thus helping you improve your balance and obtain the perfect alignment of body segments. Thanks to the regular practice of yoga, not only you will be able to escape the stubborn back pain, but you will also have the opportunity to stretch and strengthen both sides of the body. By practicing yoga on a daily basis, you will also be able to prevent such problems in the future.

#5 Body awareness

As we spend a lot of time concentrated on various activities, we become less and less aware of our bodies. This is the reason why we adopt unhealthy postures, suffering from consequences, such as the back pain. Yoga can bring your mind and body in touch, helping you become more aware of the imbalances that have occurred with the passing of time. Moreover, by adopting the various poses that are part of the yoga practice, you can correct these imbalances and improve your posture overall.

#6 Pain control

There are a lot of people who suffer from chronic back pain, which can interfere with their regular functioning. Yoga incorporates some techniques and poses that are meant to calm the mind and eliminate the tension, from any part of the body. For a person who suffers from chronic back pain, yoga represents one of the best solutions for obtaining the desired control over the actual pain. Apart from that, by engaging the mind, body and spirit at the same time, it allows one to reach deeper healing levels. Yoga is a natural analgesic, one that is quite powerful in even the most intense chronic back pain.

These are six different ways in which yoga can help you deal with back pain, without having to resort to expensive treatments or invasive procedures. Keep in mind that the practice of yoga can be used to reach a state of deep relaxation, eliminating any tension accumulated within the body.





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