You might have seen a person who eats 3 times a day and rarely performs workouts, however, he/she manages to have sports 6 pack abs. This gives us reason to curse like a drunken pirate on our genetic gifts, and those situations also tell us why it is difficult to give hard and fast rules for developing 6 pack abs.

Things such as gender, genetics and stress play vital role in weight gain or loss, therefore, it is tricky to give step-by-step instructions to shred midsection, but obeying to myths about abs will hold you back. Whether you are a workout Jedi or padawan who is seeking to score 101 tips on abs, just read below to dispel the facts from fictions if you want to achieve washboard abs. Here are 6 myths of sic pack abs.

  1. One Can Out-Crunch Bad Diet!

Being consistent with junk food makes your whole body junk and your stomach too, so start building abs in your kitchen. Even if you opt for a clean diet, cutback in sodium to reduce water retention. Portion size is important, and the universal truth is that you should take less calories than you burn.

  1. Carbohydrates Kill Abs!

Our body uses carbohydrates as a fuel to destroy abs, but carbs like sports drinks, bread, potatoes and others that digest quickly initiate spike in insulin to hinder fat loss. Reserve these carb for post workout time. Carb sources like veggies, fruits, whole grain pasta, brown rice, oatmeal and beans are good. Avoid lab created mutant foods that have ingredients you have to hire and interpreter to even pronounce.

  1. Sit ups and Crunches are Must.

These are popular, however, they are the least effective option, so try Scorpion Tails, Russian Twists, Hanging knee or Leg Raises, Dip Bar Knee or Side Bends. Vary the reps and exercises, add weight and resistance to make stronger and well-defined midsection and abs respectively.

  1. Slower Reps Are Best.

Faster reps allow muscle activity in external and internal oblique, recutus abdominis and spinal erectors to increase.

  1. Abs Can Be Formed By Spot Reduction.

Performing crunches from start till rapture would not guarantee your abs will show the desired way at the time of Judgment Day if there is a fat layer covering on them. As stated earlier, a strict plan for diet along with continuous training is one of the excellent means to reduce the fat from your body. However, keep this in mind, there are external factors that also contribute in this game. When you are under stress, for instance, there is a rise in cortisol level which can inhibit your capabilities to lose weight. A study conducted and appeared in Journal of Sleeping involves around 225 adults individuals was able to find that individuals who stayed up late were noted to eat junk and unhealthy foods in the night time hours. This is not something to be surprised, but this thing leads to gain weight.

  1. Training Abs Daily

Well, it is possible and you can possibly do it, but this is considered to be overwork. Abs are also a kind of muscle, and they need respect just like other muscles of your bod i.e. biceps, quadriceps and deltoids. I think you got the point, training daily for abs is just like you are being cruel to your muscles.

  1. Supplements Can Cover The Shortfalls.

Caffeine, green tea and other supplements burn fats, but they will not do any magic to vanish your belly fat to give you abs like the fitness superstar Lazar Angelov. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts to develop abs. You need a demanding training routine, adequate rest and low body fat.


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