Jogging with Family

Various fitness trainers have devised jogging routines that help you burn at least 550 calories once you complete it. There are steps mentioned below to achieve this target.

Step 1

Start with a warm-up session of 10 minutes on 5.0 mph which is the first step.

Step 2

After warm-up, immediately switch to 7.5 mph for 20 minutes. If it is too fast and you are unable to manage, switch to your current fitness level.

Step 3

Jog at 5.0 mph afterwards.

Step 4

Repeat step 2 and 3 twice. Check you minimum and maximum heart rate while doing so as it will make you understand what high and low heart rate actually mean and how you can manage it.

Step 5

Walk at 5.0 mph for 2 minutes followed by a 10-minute jogging on treadmill at 6.5 mph. This will allow you a total energy boost.

Step 6

Return to a jogging pace for four minutes at 5.0 mph.

Step 7

Repeat step two and three as it will allow you a maximum run for you targeted calorie burn. It is always easy to move with a low and high speed ratio. Like start with 2-minute warm-up, then 10-minute run and then 20 minutes jog again. This pattern will allow you maximum calorie-burn in one session.

Addition Related Tips

  1. Never try to lose weight faster than your capacity. It is recommended that losing 3500 calories i.e. one pound is easily manageable, but it is recommended with proper diet and healthy routine. If you don’t follow a healthy routine, you may end up getting weaker both inside and outside.
  2. Make sure you use proper diet plan with constant speed level during workout on a treadmill. Like if you start from 3 minutes, move to 10 minutes afterwards and follow it with a 20-minute run. These intervals support your cardiovascular rate.
  3. You should always spare one day for rest after 6 days of intense workout and this will be easier for you and a proper routine is maintained like this.


  • Use proper shoes as slipping from a treadmill may cause a serious injury to you.
  • Avoid talking to people around while you run as it can also make you fall.
  • Always ask for a trainer’s guidance.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water during intense workout sessions.
  • Do not try to lose too much of weight with starvation as it will weaken you.
  • Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet plan for fat loss.
  • Breathing fresh air is also important, so keep your treadmill somewhere at an open place.
  • Keep treadmills and such machinery out of the reach of children as they may hurt themselves.

After at least 40 days of proper workout and diet plan , you will start feeling the difference and you will be able to lose 5 pounds fast even within a week with this routine.


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