1):- Genetic testing helps one in determining one’s surveillance plan or ones’s prophylactic surgery path. Example: one has a family history of Lynch Syndrome, that means one should begin colonoscopies starting from one’s 20’s or 5 years beforw to the earliest diagnosis of colon cancer. If one had genetic testing & was negative that would potentially mean one risk for colon cancer would go down to risk of a normal Joe Schmoe off street. And if one’s were positive, one would get to know about risks and go with the best surveillance methods.

2):- Genetics is actually a family affair, one is 50% one’s mom & 50% one’s dad after all. Genetic testing results can be necessary for one’s aunts, uncles, cousins, chilesing

dren & just about everyone else in one’s family. It helps in determining screening measures for one’s family.

3):- As a part of newborn screening: Any who has had children recently may not know this but all of states run a test as soon as a child is born know as the newborn screening. This test uses a hearing exam, a blood oxygen level, & few drops of blood to screen for around 28 genetic diseases which if not caught early & left untreated can cause irreparable damage to child & even death. Without this necessary program in place lots of children would go un-diagnosed & become extremely sick.

4):- In the prenatal period: One of the very controversial topics in genetics is use of prenatal genetic testing. When there are mutations in RB1 gene kids can be born with this particular kind of tumor know as a retinoblastoma. Retinoblastomas effects vision of a kid very shortly after birth if the tumor isn’t treated in a right way. If an unborn kid is known to be at risk & tests positive for the gene mutation we can start treatment very shortly after birth since each day counts with these tumors to preserve the eye sight of child.

5):- Genetic testing can qualify one for clinical trials. There are many clinical trials out there for experimental treatments which patients can only qualify for if they’ve a positive genetic test.

6):- Genetic testing can qualify one for screening & prophylactic surgeries. Without genetic testing one’s insurance may not pay for any cost of the screening or the surgery.

7):- Genetic testing can give one peace of mind. I’m not saying this is true for everybody, but having that negative result in hand or even a positive result can give one a peace of mind that at least one knows one way or another.

8):- This testing helps scientists very much in creating cures & medicines. Certainly, this should not be the one of the main reasons owing to which one should do genetic testing but it is of course a bonus to having testing. We still do not know Achaean everything about genetics & honestly I’m not sure we ever will be that much able. The more persons will have testing, the more data will be gathered / shared, & the more researchers will have access to that info then the closer we can get to find cures and medicines for everybody. Sharing such genetic data is very essential topic in the genetics world right now & we all have to work together to further science.

9):- Genetic testing saves one’s life. I know, I know, I save the most dramatic one for last. But this one is the most true. Genetic testing & results are often scary. The idea that something is beyond one’s control and how one is somehow losing control of one’s life and body is so horrifying. But there is one truth to the statement that such testing can  not only save your life but lives of others within your family as well. It gives one so many  treatment options which one may not have gotten prior, it also allows one to have surgeries & screenings, & it can help kids receive lifesaving treatments. Do nor you are not alone, we all are in this world together, & there are support groups for each genetic disease out there.


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