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A guide for weighted blanket first time buyers

When it comes to weighted blankets in Canada, you would obviously like to make the right decision when buying one and leave no room for mistakes while at it. For any first time buyer, buying from an authentic seller is one of the concerns. It is the main one because to start with everybody likes value for their money and we all know substandard products have a way of looking very genuine. For that reason, seeking a genuine seller is the only option to buying the perfect weighted blanket. There are however a couple of other guidelines one should follow as far as purchasing weighted blankets is concerned.

A number of therapists will recommend a number of them so that you can end up with an effective and safe choice of a weighted blanket at the end of the day. So what are some of the guidelines that you should be keen on when buying a weighted blanket?

Guiding facts to buying the right weighted blanket as a beginner

Here are a number of guiding facts when it comes to buying a weighted blanket;

  • The right size matters; you do not want a blanket to get delivered to you only for the excitement of using it to be cut short after finding out that it does not cover your whole body proportionally or that its weight on you is unbearable. The size of the blanket you get to pick should provide desirable outcomes.
  • The filling should be suitable; since weighted blankets are made from different fillings, you should go for the ones that suitably soft and textured on your body. The different pellets or beads used vary with the level of relaxation they offer and for that reason you should only choose the right one with the best effect on your body.
  • The fabric or cover should be comfortable; you will find weighted blankets with different materials such as cotton, manmade fibres and so forth. Some materials will not be suitable during hot seasons like summer. You should however go with one that is breathable and suitable for your needs.
  • Some professional advice will help a lot; people buy weighted blankets for various reasons and to ensure that you are buying it for some beneficial reason, a professional therapist’s advice on the same can influence your choice positively. Do not hesitate on the same especially where children are involved.
  • Weighted blankets should not be used for infants; while there is the temptation of luring infants to sleep for instance, these blankets are not recommended for their use not until they are 2 and even then, a professional’s advice should be sought.
  • Only buy from trusted stores; the only way to ensure that you are buying original weighted blanket is by ensuring that you are buying it from a reputable store otherwise you may get a substandard one from untrusted suppliers. A substandard blanket will never offer what a genuine one can and for that reason you should strive to get one from only trusted sources


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