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If you always have been particular about your fitness and your body, your pregnancy too shouldn’t be any reason to think otherwise. And if you have been someone, who has been postponing the trips to the gym, now is the time to make up for it.

Pregnancy is just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey. It is not an easy path and comes with its own set of ups and down, and for a Mom, it becomes imperative to face everything head on. But for doing that the Mom herself need to look after herself, because ultimately it is she who has to look after her baby.

And once the baby arrives, it might be a little difficult taking out time for yourself, at least initially.

That is all the more reason for all the moms-to-be to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

Rcommending a guide to best exercises before the baby arrives.

  1. Swimming

You may have heard that swimming is the best way to exercise during pregnancy, well you have heard it right. If you have the access to a pool, you might want to try it. Swimming strengthens your back muscles, and it would come in very handy as the pregnancy progresses.

  1. Walking

Walking is another safe exercise. If you have not been exercising before your pregnancy, walking is the best way to start with. Start slow and gradually increase your speed, the frequency of you walks in a week and the distance that you walk.

  1. Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It included controlling your bladder by controlling your pee and the urge to do so. It is recommended that you consult a professional who can guide you or speak to your doctor regarding the same. As advised the best gynecologist in Thane advices the moms-to-be to try these exercises and continue with them even after your delivery.

  1. Dance

Dancing is always fun and frees your mind of so many tensions. It is an excellent form to keep you feeling positive, charged up and stress-free during pregnancy. It not only makes you enjoy dancing to the music, but the flexibility will even help in toning your muscles. If you are just beginning, then it is suggested that you start with something gentle. Avoid strenuous workouts and too much jumping. Do not forget to mention to your doctor that you have started taking a dance class.

  1. Low-Impact Aerobics

Low impact exercises mean the ones that do not include activities like jumping, high kicks etc. They also let you keep one foot on the ground to ensure that you do not use your balance. Though it is okay to have a faster heartbeat and breathing, while you are exercising, just be careful that you need to stop if and when you feel too tired or too uncomfortable.

  1. Yoga

When pregnant, it is necessary to prepare both your mind as well as your body. Yoga helps you to do the same. Prenatal yoga, when done in the right way can be one of the best things that you do for yourself and in turn for the baby. Indulge in yoga meant for moms-to-be. As the baby inside grows, the woman needs all the more strength and energy, yoga makes the hips, back, arms and shoulders stronger.

  1. Pilates

Another fantastic way to exercise during pregnancy is Pilates. With the focus mainly on strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles and stretching the back, Pilates help in preparing for the months to come, when the growing baby puts more and more weight on the back. The breathing techniques used, also help them during the time of labor.

Be in The Safe Zone

  • When it comes to pregnancy exercises it is highly recommended to discuss them with your doctor. He has all of your information like your health, your baby’s safety or any risks that the two of you are facing or might face.
  • If you have been exercising before your pregnancy too, there are bright chances that you can keep doing the same, but remember to start that inly after you consult your doctor.
  • If you are a beginner, do it under the supervision of an instructor who has dealt with pregnant women before and knows his job perfectly.
  • Even if you have been a pro athlete before, do not ignore signs from your body. Do not continue if an exercise or activity feels too uncomfortable or hurts in any way.

Pregnancy is also the time to sit back and relish the time you and your partner have, soon it’s going to be all about the ‘baby’. Be positive and enjoy this wonderful time!

gynecologist in Thane


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