Blueberries are high in fiber, vitamins A and C, and low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol. They are also brimful with antioxidants, and it is usually eaten raw, or crushed for juice mixed with yogurt. Your diets supplemented with blueberries are really good for your health and beauty care. If you are suffering from acne, broken capillaries, and splotchy skin, in blueberries will help to improve your skin and health effectively. In this writing, you will know more about top 9 benefits of blueberries that you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. Prevent Aging Symptoms

Prevent Aging Symptoms is one of the first known benefits of blueberries.  They have been proven to improve skin and blueberries have been considered as one of the home remedies for acne-prone skin. Free radicals are one of the main reasons causing some severe skin damages. It also causes early aging signs including wrinkles, age spots, dry skin or even the visible appearance of varicose and spider veins. Blueberries, one of the super foods, are high in antioxidants which can help to reverse the signs of aging by inhibiting the oxidization of other molecules producing free radicals. Antioxidants in blueberries react against free radicals and keep human cells from being damaged. According to some researchers, a person consumes a cup of wild blueberries daily, which means that he has consumed up to 13,427 antioxidants (Vitamin A, C, and flavonoids). Blueberries have a slightly sweet taste with a little bit of sour, so they can be eaten raw or mixed with some other fruits, eating more blueberries is the best way to keep you more healthy and beautiful.

  1. Remove Eyes Dark Circles

You have your eyes dark circles and this makes you feel unconfident when you go out. Don’t worry about it!  Blueberries are quite effective for removing those dark circles too. You only crush some blueberries, mix with some honey or mint power, and then put the mixture on your eyes dark circles for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, using lukewarm water to remove the paste from those eyes dark circles. Blueberries not only help to remove dark circles under your eyes but also keep your eyes healthy, and prevent them from oxidative damage.

  1. Reduce Flu Risk

One of the benefits of blueberries applied for ages is reducing flu risk. Like other leaves, grains, fruits, and vegetables, blueberries contains quercetin which may help to reduce the risk of getting flu, according to a study named “AJP Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology” published in August 2008. The study showed the effects of quercetin consuming on the influenza viruses in mice. Quercetin may prevent effectively infection linked to stressful exercise or activity. The researchers also concluded that quercetin helps human to reduce illnesses after exhaustive exercise.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is considered to be one of the major reasons for strokes and heart attacks. Blueberries have wonderful benefits for those suffering from high blood pressure. In the latest study, obese people with a high risk of heart diseases noted about 5-6 % reduction in blood pressure, after they consumed 50 grams of blueberries each day within eight weeks. Therefore, blueberries are one of the home remedies recommended by the doctor for supporting those suffering from lower blood pressure.

  1. Improve Memory And Maintain Brain Function

Stress can speed up the aging process in your brain, having negative impacts on brain function. According to studies in mice, blueberries are brimful with antioxidants which are necessary for intelligence. These antioxidants may directly interact with aging neurons, leading to significant improvements in areas of the brain. According to a new study, the elder consumed blueberry juice daily, some improvements could be seen their brain function. Another study within 6 years also showed that antioxidants in blueberries and strawberries could help to improve the function of brain system as well as the slow age-related cognitive decline in the elderly.

  1. Have Anti-Diabetic Effects

The risk of diabetes is currently one of the biggest health issues worldwide and people tend to avoid eating too much sugar. Compared to other fruits, blueberries’ sugar amount is moderate, about 15 grams per cup equivalent to a large orange or a small apple. Blueberries contain bioactive compounds which may control blood sugar in the body. Researchers confirmed that anthocyanins found in blueberry juice and extract could have positive effects on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. In the study of 32 obese people with insulin resistance, consuming a blueberry every day could improve insulin sensitivity that helped to reduce blood sugar levels, the risk factor for type 2diabetes and metabolic syndrome. According to some researchers, those with type 1 diabetics have lower blood glucose level after consuming high-fiber diets and those with type 2 diabetics may have significant improvements in blood sugar and insulin levels.  The study also showed that a cup of blueberry juice contains about 3.6 grams of fiber. Therefore, women should consume 21-25 grams of fiber each day and men should consume 30-38 grams each day.

  1. Fight Against Urinary Tract Infections

One of the common health problems in women is urinary tract infections that leads many to visit a urologist in London. Blueberry juice is known to have many substances called anti-adhesives which may prevent some types of infections (E. coli in the inner of the bladder).

  1. Support Weight Loss

Blueberry juice provides many essential nutrients including vitamins and fiber for dieters because it is easily digested.  Blueberries with fiber, essential fats may inspire a full feeling.  If you make blueberries with yogurt, you will feel full for longer. You should enjoy the beauty benefits of blueberries by adding the home remedy to your diets.

  1. Protect Bones

Blueberries are rich in iron, manganese, vitamin K,… which play vital roles in building and maintaining the structure, strength, and elasticity of bones. Iron and zinc in blueberries help to maintain the quality of bones and joints. A shortage of vitamin K has been associated with higher risks of fractures. Therefore, the amount of vitamin K in blueberries may improve calcium absorption as well as reduce calcium loss in the human body.

In conclusion, this article provides 9 benefits of blueberries proven by science and used by people for ages you should not skip. We hope you should know the reason why consuming blueberries are good for your health and beauty. Every remedy has its side effects; however, you should ask your physician for suitable advice before applying these home remedies. If you like this article or have any questions, so feel free to leave a comment below.


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