As you know a detox is a very powerful way to clean your body, lose weight and speed up your metabolism.

It is your body’s natural way of eliminating substances that can harm body tissue. Such chemicals from foods and drinks and waste products that result from normal cell activity (lactic acid, ammonia, and homocysteine).

Suppose you have heard about the health benefice of detox Program:

Boosts your physical energy Reduce gas and bloating Resetting your taste buds Healthier hair
Increased mental focus and clearer thinking Curbing food addiction Helps with weight loss Aids internal organs
Controlling cravings Giving your body the micronutrients it needs to Boost your immune system Encourages normal blood test results
Rids your body of excess waste Managing stress Improved skin Boosts cardiovascular health

After reading this article, you will know how to chose healthy foods and eliminate toxic foods. And you will learn useful knowledge to change your life for the better.

But before starting, if you feel you need more motivation I can help you with a simple solution that works.

General Rules Before You Get Started

Processed food. Any food that has been altered from its natural state to have a richer taste, a longer shelf life and to be optimized for consumption. This is done by adding salt, sugar, fats, conserves and all kinds of chemicals to the food.

Evolution has provided us with taste buds. This is how we know what we are eating. And our brain is using this information to chose foods that are the most energy dense.

That is why we like foods that are rich in calories. Like sweets and fast foods because these foods can give more energy.

The manufacturers know this and they improved the taste of foods by means of chemistry, adding all kinds of sugar, fats, and chemicals into food. As a result, we eat more and more.

Most of the process foods contained sugar. But sugar, as you know, has many side effects:

May accelerate the skin aging process Disrupts sleeping Causes harm to hair and nails Increases your risk of diabetes
It overloads and damages your liver Is addictive Fructose causes harm as well May increase your risk of cancer
Can cause weight gain Affects your mood May increase your risk of depression Drains Your Energy
Causes aging Makes you less aware Can increase your risk of heart disease Negatively impact dental health

Because of that, you should avoid all process foods:

– meat products (sausages, bacon, salami etc)

– refined food (white flour, refined oils)

– canned food (vegetables, fish, meat etc)  –

-sugar and sugar products (except for fruits but not juices)

– liquid calories (sodas, juices etc)

– fast food and junk food


So what can you eat?

– vegetables

– meat, fish, and seafood

– eggs

– milk products

– whole grain cereals, whole grain pasta, whole grain flour

– oatmeal

– legumes

– nuts and seeds


-vegetable oils

And what can you drink? Drink water, coffee or tea. Avoid liquid calories because they are the reason for extra calories and digestive problems.

Cooking methods so your food won’t lose nutrients, each type of food is better to be coke in a particular way.

For vegetables is better to eat them raw, because raw vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals while boiled vegetables have a higher glycemic index.

For meat, fish, chicken, and seafood you can boil them, roast them, grill them or fry them but without oil and without adding fatty additives.

For carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread, and legumes) you can boil, fried them but without oil or you can steam them.

Do not use sugar substitutes because they are addictive and toxic to the body. 

Week One

Cancel out all refined process food and eat only natural food. The reason to do that is to clean all your senses.

Eliminate from your diet:

– liquid calories (alcohol, sodas, juices, natural juices etc)

– fast food

– sugar

-ready-made sauces

-salami, sausages, pate etc

– liquid calories

Try to make your portions½ vegetables or fruits and the other half protein, carbohydrates, or fats.

Protein Healthy Carbohydrates Healthy Fats
meat vegetables and fruits seeds and nuts
fish and seafood whole wheat bread avocado
 eggs whole grain meal cold press olive oil
cheeses and dairy whole cereals not refined veggie oils
plant based protein: beans, peas, quinoa, nuts etc rice fat fish

Week Two

This week is about zero sugar. This means, no sweets, no fruits, no honey, no added sugar or sugar substituents.

The purpose of this week is to clean even more your taste so you can experience the taste of natural foods.

And because sugar is hard to eliminate from your diet this week is focusing only on zero sugar. If you have problems you can check my simple solutions that can help you eliminate sugar from your diet.

Week Three

This week is about no dairy. Milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

Why? Milk can be a good source of nutrients. Calcium, vitamin D, B2, B12, potassium and phosphorous. When you were young your body produced a digestive enzyme called lactose which helps you digest milk but as you grow older your body’s ability to produce this enzyme drops.

That is why 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerance. You can say that our bodies are made to eat milk only as babies.

But instead of milk, you can drink vegetable milk, soy milk, rice milk but be careful to avoid added sugar.


Your focus for this week is gluten-free! And the idea behind this week is to simplify your digestion process.

But first what is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye, and barley.

What to eat?

Your protein will be from meat, fish, and eggs.

Your carbohydrates will come from gluten-free cereals, rice, and legumes.

And your fats from olive oil, vegetable oils, chia seeds and avocado.

Also, don’t forget to eat green vegetables because your body needs those micronutrients.

Week five

Is time to stop eating meat. The idea is that meat is hard to digest, it takes your body up to 4 to 5 hours. And instead of meat, you can eat fish and plant-based protein.

After this period your detox plan is over and you won’t have to follow this rules anymore, of course only if you want to.


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