Best Weed Strains

The general perception is that smoking weed makes the user slow and lazy. What people don’t know that using the correct strain can energize the smoker, pushing them to hit the gym. These strains have a cerebral effect on the user which provides sufficient energy for a strenuous workout. They are free from hard, harmful chemicals and are all natural. Apart from eating a highly nutritious diet full of all the nutrients needed for a killer workout, these strains can be assistive on days when you are feeling lazy. They are ideal to motivate the smoker out of the bed, right into the gym.

  1. Jack Herer

Perfect to be puffed when the user is feeling down and unmotivated, Jack Herer provides high energy without the feeling of drainage at the end. It is considered to be one of the best strains for an intense workout session.

  1. Sour Cheese

A 60/40 Sativa dominant, Sour Cheese gives a balanced high to its user. It relaxes the user while also energizing them. It is ideal to use as it gives just enough energy to hit the gym and not make the user crash at the end.

  1. Green Crack

The user benefits from a boost of energy and a mental buzz. A Sativa- dominant hybrid strain, it keeps the user fired up throughout the workout without causing the feeling of being drained at the end.

Green Crack is also available as an indica- dominant. It relaxes the user and provides a calm high, appropriate for physical exercises which utilize the mind like tai- chi and yoga.

  1. Harlequin

A ratio of 5:2 of CBD: THC, Harlequin is a sativa dominant hybrid. The sativa to indica is much higher than other strains. It has the ability to improve the workout efficiency by 75/25 %. It provides the user with high energy without the usual ‘high’. It is recommended to use just the right amount to improve the quality of the workout.

  1. Durban Poison

One of the best strains to smoke for an efficient and successful workout is Durban Poison which is a pure Sativa strain. It has a sweet smell and provides a cerebral, energetic high to its users.  A few puffs will be enough for a gym session. It is also apt to be consumed when going on a hike.

  1. Sour Diesel

A classic for a better workout, Sour Diesel is ideal to be used before doing yoga as it delivers a euphoric, cerebral high. It is also ideal to be consumed for other physical exercises which would require the utilization of the mind. Sour Diesel cannabis buds are used worldwide for their effectiveness.

  1. Chocolope

A sativa variety, it uplifts the user and motivates them to hit the gym. It has a punching cerebral high effect and will ensure to keep the user going.

  1. Orange Diesel

A great strain to keep focus through the workout, Orange Diesel is the strain to use. It is a Sativa- dominant and only a couple of puffs give enough energy for high-intensity workouts. Several doctors especially marijuana doctors recommend Orange Diesel for treating ADHD and ADD.

  1. Ghost Train Haze

This is one of the strongest weed strains available today. It has a THC level of 25% and is a sativa. It is recommended by several marijuana doctors to use Ghost Train Haze in low doses for concentration and creativity while a higher dose may make the user paranoid. Thus, only a few puffs before a workout will be sufficient.

  1. Super Lemon Haze

This has a high THC level of 25%. Just a few puffs are good enough to motivate the user for an intense workout. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid and its cerebral effects provide with high energy levels.

Research further on the strains you plan to use. Also find out the possible side effects especially if you suffer from mental illness like depression or anxiety. Nutritious foods and just the right strains can help you perform the best workout!



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