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Fertility is the main indicator of a person's ability to procreate. But in some cases, there are different problems with the ability to conceive a child naturally (even after one year of unprotected intercourse).  ADONIS Fertility International for more than 23 years successfully identified infertility causes and their treatment. 

What is a Functional Alcoholic?

Functional Alcoholic
Is it possible to be an alcoholic and still a functional member of society with a job and a family? Opinions are split on the questions; let's take a look at what might qualify someone as a functional alcoholic. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to defining an...

Requirements and Tips to Launch a Career as a Home Health Aide

Believe you have it in you to assist seniors and individuals with physical disabilities lead as happy, dignified and independent a life as possible? Your decision to embark upon a career as a home health aide will have a direct impact on a steadily growing Baby Boomer population in the country. Unsurprisingly, employment of home health...

5 Ways My Fitness Routine Helped Me in Addiction Recovery

Let’s face it. Everyone goes through setbacks and tough times. It is part of life. Some of these things are unpredictable and out of our control. Through these times, many people resort to drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances to cope with their emotions and hurtful feelings. However, this is a short-term...

Is Coffee Your Go-To Beverage? You May Be Surprised At The Reasons Why You Need To Start Drinking It

Coffee for fitness -
For many of us, the times you see a cup of coffee are not that much – especially if it is not the drink of choice in your family. However, the popularity of the beverage is increasing steadily, and it is functioning more than simply a breakfast drink to start your day. The rising coffee...


Technology and science advance and research brings out new findings constantly and health care is the foremost in every research because good health is worth all the wealth in the world. Health is obtained from what we eat and we are certainly are not in an era where we eat raw food.  We eat...

Obesity, What It Is And When To Seek Help?

In recent years, due to sedentary lifestyle obesity cases are increasing rapidly. It is one of the major chronic health problems which is becoming a worldwide epidemic. The rate is growing at alarming rate as more and more people are becoming obese. The rising rate is a major health concern as it can lead...

Is Psychotherapy a Good Option for Addiction Treatment?

Psychotherapy a Good Option for Addiction Treatment
The consensus is in, and it is agreed upon that addiction to alcohol, drugs, or any other thing is a hideous disease that tears apart everything that most people live for. Addiction is ugly, noxious, untiring, and very often fatal. The bigger question up for debate is how to stop addictions. It...

Common Problems Faced During Pregnancy

Motherhood is said to be a woman’s new birth, but in reality, the moment you realize you are pregnant, your life changes. conceding a baby. Nurturing a life inside you, is indeed the most special feeling in the whole world. And it is often surprising to see how easily your body adjusts and learns...

Find Out Why These Prescription Pills Are Becoming Addictive

Prescription drug medications are often given to young adults or women who suffer from illness, injury, or mental health problems. They're legal as long as they're prescribed by a licensed professional. Keep in mind that these drugs can be highly addictive upon use. Some patients enjoy the benefits and feelings these medications...

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