Almost women of all age groups can suffer from severe skin issues such as acne, oiliness, rashes, dryness, and sunburn. This could be a quite complicated situation for every woman. For treating such critical skin issues lotions and creams can be preferred, but sometimes these can cause adverse reactions.

So, it is always better to find such way that can heal the problems without any side effect. For this purpose moving towards natural remedies such as coconut oil will be a wise thing to do. A professional women’s health doctor also suggests applying this effective oil for the treatment of rashes and irritation.

It is also highly beneficial to soothe the pains associated with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other serious skin problems. Besides this, it is also useful to reduce the stretch marks that most of the ladies get during their pregnancy.

Here are some ways that can tell you to use coconut oil precisely for great skin care benefits:

For Treating Rashes Externally

Because of the rashes on your skin, you can feel a burning sensation and itching. So, for alleviating such skin reactions, applying coconut oil will be helpful. Because it does not block the pores of your skin so, you don’t need to worry about additional irritation.

The oil can be used either in a liquid or solid form. If you want to see quick results, apply it multiple times a day. It not only heals the itching and dryness but also reduces the redness of irritation.

As a Lotion

Coconut oil can be used as an excellent moisturizer for treating your itchiness. When it is applied to the skin, the fatty acids in it get absorbed into your skin quickly and easily.  It means you will also get an immediate relief.

Because of the rashes, your skin becomes drier and does not produce natural fatty acid known as “Sebum”. So, using coconut oil will be a right solution to stimulate your skin so that sebum can produce. Once your own natural lubricant produces, your skin becomes glowing and more moisturized.

As a Massage Oil

Most of the people face harmful and worrisome skin conditions from their childhood. If the right treatment is not made at the accurate time, they can suffer from serious skin reactions in their young age also. So, for preventing it using coconut oil for the massage therapy will be a precise option. This effective lubricant will actually repair the skin and shrink the dry patches.

For an advantageous massage, you need to melt approximately 4 tablespoons of coconut oil until it gets hot. Before spreading it, make sure it is not so hot otherwise skin can burn. You can apply it at stomach, elbows, and knees which are usually highly prone to dryness.

Other body parts such as feet, hands, or neck can also get massaged with it. When you rub it over the skin, make a clockwise motion so that it can be completely absorbed into the skin. Applying it in the night is more appropriate as it will stay on your skin for a long duration and results will be obtained quickly.

As a Natural Bandage

For the extreme dryness, rashes are one of the main reasons. Additionally, rashes are quite rough to handle with a normal adhesive bandage without causing further irritation or pain. So, coconut oil can be used to soften the area.

You need to use a cotton pad with a tablespoon of warm coconut oil. And after this, place the cotton pad on the rough spot and let it rest for about twenty minutes. For removing remaining oil a tissue paper or clean cloth can be used.

This remedy is also helpful for treating overnight irritation, eczema, and sleep disturbances.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a method of detoxifying that has become vastly popular.

The process of oil pulling is very simple and requires only 20 minutes. For more and quick benefits, doing it early in the morning or before you take any meal will be a precise time. To do this detox, you have to place a solid piece of coconut oil in your mouth and hold it for some time.

With oil pulling toxins get pulled from your gums that aids in clearing sinusitis. Besides this, this method is also helpful to reduce serious skin allergies such as psoriasis.

Coconut oil is a fine option as its taste is tolerable as a comparison to other oils. Once you remove the oil from your mouth, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

For Bath

If your eczema covers a larger area, you can treat it with a relaxing bath. This is a highly successful way for those people who are the patients of psoriasis. You need to simply add 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil to warm water in your bathtub and immerse the entire body in it.

Psoriasis is a very serious skin disease that affects most of the people. There is no specific medication that can completely cure it. So, people who are suffering from it sometimes get depressed and feel ashamed due to their bad skin condition. But using coconut oil on regular basis can reduce it to great extent. Most of the dermatologists recommend this essential oil to use in case of psoriasis. This is the best-proven remedy for the treatment of this harsh disease.

So, if you are suffering from such harmful skin allergy, you must add coconut oil to water to take a healthy bath. Moreover, the women who are desired for the soft and nourished skin can go for it.

Night Time Treatment

During the night, the skin of some women gets dry. So, to avoid this situation a small amount of coconut oil should be applied to the face before going to bed.

It can also be added to the night cream that you usually use for the skin treatment. In this way, moisturizing power of cream will increase and you will get a hydrated and soft skin.

Women who apply sunscreen on their face can add 2-3 drops of coconut oil for the more protection. When you visit a caring center for women, you will find most of the physicians also advise to use coconut oil for skin care.

Add It to Routine Diet

For more benefits, you can add it to your food. This is a healthier alternative to other traditional oils used for cooking. By adding a tablespoon to your regular diet your skin will be quenched from the inside-out.

It is also a perfect option to prepare different sauces or vinaigrettes. Preparing food with coconut oil is a way to reduce constant skin dryness.

If you really want to make your skin flawless, you should start using coconut oil as soon as possible. Within a few days, rashes, itchiness, and redness in your skin will start reducing.


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