Motherhood is said to be a woman’s new birth, but in reality, the moment you realize you are pregnant, your life changes. conceding a baby. Nurturing a life inside you, is indeed the most special feeling in the whole world. And it is often surprising to see how easily your body adjusts and learns how to deal with this big change.

For a few lucky women, pregnancy is a beautiful journey. But for many others, it might not be a real joy ride! But that shouldn’t be a reason to worry. Being pregnant is tough and many women face a lot of common issues during these 9 months!

Here’s a list of the usual problems faced during pregnancy:-

  1. Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is just not limited to the morning. Some women feel sick all day! Though often it subsides after the first trimester, not all women are that lucky!

Try: Don’t stay hungry for too long. Eat light food. Fruits, salads might help. Stay hydrated. Smell lemons!

  1. Feeling Warm All the Time

Even during winters, many women sweat when pregnant, this is because of the numerous changes that are taking place inside your body.

Try: Wear light and loose-fitting cotton clothes. Keep taking small sips of water or juice.

  1. Urinary Incontinence

It is common to have pee-problems when pregnant. There is an urge to pee, even within short intervals and many a time it is unavoidable to prevent a small leak.

Try: Line your panties with a sanitary napkin! Avoid going to places where toilets may be far away.

  1. Constipation

Many moms-to-be experience constipation from the early stages of pregnancy. Changing hormones and even iron supplements can be a major reason too.

Try: Eat high-fiber foods. Get plenty of healthy fluids. Intake of curd, buttermilk can be increased. Stay active.

  1. Heart Burn

With the growing baby pressing against your stomach and the hormonal changes, it is common to experience heartburn. You may also feel full or bloated.

Try: Avoid spicy food, tea, coffee. Take smaller meals more often. Keep taking water, fruits and salads. As per a famous Orthopaedic in Thane sitting upright can be comforting.

  1. Weird Dreams

The mind is so active when a woman is pregnant, strange and scary dreams and thoughts are common. This is also because of the anxiety and confusion. Don’t give much thought to such ideas.

Try: Be positive and be alert. Read pregnancy books, be in a company that gives you good vibes confidence.

  1. Feeling Itchy all over

When a woman is pregnant, the body pumps an increased amount of blood to the skin which causes a lot of itch, especially around the belly, as the skin there is most stretched.

Try: Stay moisturized. Don’t think much about it.

  1. Feeling Tired and Exhausted

As your pregnancy progresses, you may feel more and more tired, take it easy, it happens. The body goes through so much, it is perfectly normal to feel run down.

Try: Spend quality time on things you enjoy. Don’t overwork. Eat a balanced diet.

  1. Backache
    With the baby growing, your body is carrying more and more weight, the major burden is taken by your back. The center of your body’s gravity also undergoes a change.

Try: Wear comfortable footwear. Don’t bend but squat. When getting up from the bed, first roll on to your side then get up. Avoid standing for long.

  1. Swelling-Up

It is normal to get swollen up in feet, legs or ankles. You might find that the swelling increases as the day ends. Though it looks bad it generally is not an alarming sign.

Try: Sitting with your feet rested on an elevated stool. Don’t tire yourself too much. Don’t wear tight clothing. Try some foot exercises.

These are a few of the common problems faced by many soon-to-be-moms. But only because they are common does not mean you ignore any discomforts or issues which trouble you too much. Be it mental or physical, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.  Also, in case of a problem or emergency, do not rely on your friends’ or family’s suggestions. Of course, they want your wellbeing, but your doctor is the best judge.

Enjoy the time you have, be happy and positive. Once the baby arrives, it’s going to be all about him/ her! I won’t say that it is going to be easy, but I will tell you that it is going to be worth it!


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