Let’s be honest about aging. Whatever we might say, if someone found the fountain of youth today, we’d all be having a drink from it tomorrow. For the moment, though, that possibility is not real – there are alternatives to myths and legends, though. Here are some fantastic health and beauty tips that can help you age with grace – and style.



First of all, try taking some time out of life. Modern lifestyles in the West tend to be full of stresses and strains. You work hard, you worry about money, you wonder if your kids are OK – the problems build up. And, when they do, it raises our blood pressure, increases cortisol production, and can lead to serious illness. Many in the medical world say that meditating once a twice a day for around 20 minutes can help. Free your mind of thought and give it a vital break. It will improve your overall health, and help you live a longer and happier life. Try a class like these –www.tm.org/ – to get started.

Try Yoga


As you age, your body gets less flexible; your posture gets worse, and you feel more stress. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fix-all cure for all these ailments? Well, yoga might well be the answer. According to research, regular yoga sessions can help your body move freer, as well as helping you stave off illnesses. It’s the ideal exercise for people who are reluctant to lots of physical effort. Don’t get us wrong – it’s hard work. But, it is a more gentle approach to exercise than frenetic workouts or team sports.

Drink Green Tea


According to researchers, green tea can bring significant benefits to your life. A regular brew is thought to reduce the risk and remissions of breast cancer. Ongoing studies are looking at its effects on other types of cancer, too. Evidence suggests green tea can help prevent conditions such as Alzheimer’s. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition backs this up. Researchers found that one cup a day helps you keep your brain more active as you get older.

Use Supplements

There are many supplements out there said to promote anti-aging. However, there is a lot of debate about whether they work or not. Take human growth hormone, for example. Many people believe it is the perfect anti-aging supplement while others disagree. Check sites such as eternalhgh.com and find out for yourself. There are other supplements to consider, too – especially in beauty products. Creams containing retinol could help smooth your skin and prevent wrinkles. Alpha lipoic acid might contribute to reducing fine lines and improves your skin texture. Are they right for you? Well, as long as you use tested products, there isn’t much harm in trying!

Go natural

Of course, there are many claims that natural products are the best way to approach anti-aging. Blueberries, for example, are thought to help your cells stop aging, and help short-term memory loss. Omega-3 fats that you find in oily fish are also believed to help the aging process. It looks like the phrase ‘we are what we eat’ does have some meaning after all!


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