Venus Factor Review program to Lose Weight

Nowadays, people are busy in their day-to-day lives, and they have no concern about their health. If I talk about myself, I am like a person who has to link with exercise and yoga, but one day, I think that If I don’t have the immunity, I will fight with different kinds of diseases.

I thought of changing my schedule, and the first thing I changed was my tea. I replace my tea with detox teas, and what I did was I get the names of 5 detox teas from the internet, and I made my weekly schedule with them.

Today, I thought many people like me are lazy like me, and I thought to share the names of 5 detox teas with you here. But before I tell you the words, let’s check the benefits of drinking detox teas.

  1. It keeps our bodies healthy.
  2. It makes better bowel movement.
  3. It is suitable for hair and skin.
  4. It makes you a calm and relaxed person.
  5. It cleanses our digestive system.
  6. It boosts our energy.
  7. It helps to maintain our immune system.

Let’s see the five best Detox Teas which I bought for you.


Dandelion is an Ayurvedic medicine used in India and other places for traditional purposes. It is good for our digestive system. It has diuretic and laxative effects that flush the toxins from our body. It helps to reduce weight.

It is more like a weed for many centuries. In many countries, people used to boil plants and cure kidney disease, upset stomach, and skin disorders. In China, people use it to boost milk production in breastfeeding women. If I talk about today’s time, people use it to cure fever, diabetes, and diarrhea. It is often used to cure skin care problems.

Milk Thistle Tea

This tea is made from the prickle thistle plant’s seed pods, and it is a tasty herbal blend. It is used as a cleanser for the liver. In this tea, you will find silymarin, which is used to cure many liver problems.

A study of the meta-analysis found that milk thistle decreases the effect of cirrhosis. It is found that antioxidant helps block the toxins and increase the synthesis of proteins. It helps you to get rid of the body of toxins and prevent them from entering the body.


Leaves of dry Peppermint is used to create minty teas. In ancient times Peppermint Leaves to crown the king and queens of Rome and Greece. Many people love it because it has no caffeine and has a natural taste.

Peppermint is known for the following benefits:

It is known as the best source of Vitamin C. It helps to boost immunity and keeps our body away from bacteria and viruses. Inhaling peppermint steam cures many breathing difficulties.

Peppermint has a high amount of amino acid, which plays a crucial role in producing the mood-control chemical called serotonin.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea or Wulong tea is partially oxidized, and it tastes sweet and has mild heavy oxidized oolongs. It has leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, a natural antioxidant to remove the toxins and free radicals, which reduces weight.

It also reduces lipids in the liver. There is a study that says oolong tea detoxifies our body. It is proved that oolong tea inhibits pancreatic lipase, decreasing fat absorption, and increasing fat expulsion in waste.

Rosehip Tea

Rosehip tea is made from the rosehips of the rose plant. This plant part can be found after the blossoms have bloomed. They are replaced by red or orange berries that can be harvested and infused in hot water to make a gentle detox tea. This tea is made from rosehips of rose plants. Rosehip tea accelerates weight loss thanks to antioxidants. Daily consumption of rosehips decreases the abdominal visceral fat. This tea has no caffeine, and you can drink it whenever you want.


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