Dental Implants

Often times many patients ask themselves and their doctor this question, and depending on the indications and warning signs, this question has varying answers. The doctors at Chrysalis Canada offer invaluable help and answers to this question and divulge education about dental implants, especially if implants can be a solution for your dental problems.

Signs that you need dental implants

The first sign that you might need dental implants is that you have severely cracked or broken teeth. If this damage cannot be fixed by ordinary restorative means, then a dental crown or implant may be the way to go. If the tooth structure cannot be saved, and the tooth is majorly damaged beyond any repair, the tooth has to be extracted and an implant used in its place.

The second sign that you may need an implant is that you are missing one or more of your natural teeth. Since a tooth cannot grow in its place, an implant may be required to fill in the gap to restore a more natural look. Further, if you have loose fitting partials and loose fitting dentures, the doctors at Chrysalis Canada recommend that dental implants be used to fix this issue.

One of the most serious concerns that indicate the immediate need for dental implants is bone loss especially in the jaw area. A dental implant is placed in the socket of the jawbone and acts as an artificial toot, and since it is made of titanium it bonds to the bone tissue. This sort of implant even prevents any further bone loss and associated complications.

Other indications that a patient needs dentures are infected teeth that hurt really bad and improperly functioning teeth when eating or chewing or speaking. Teeth change over time due to associated wear and tear, and this may lead to problems while biting, chewing and other functions. Painful teeth may be infected, and sometimes this may be as a result of irreversible damage. A visit to the dentist will tell that dentures may be the next course of intervention.

What to do if you need dental implants

If you suspect that you may need dental implants, it is necessary to visit your dentist immediately. It is advisable to do so quickly because early intervention goes a long way in devising a robust intervention method. Chrysalis Canada is located conveniently near shops and restaurants where a lot of people run errands, and we have a flexible time schedule. We can schedule an appointment that fits your daily life routine.

At this appointment, we will speak with you regarding your concerns and goals for your smile, and why our solution is the best for you case. We will examine your mouth and other factors to determine if dental implants are right for you, and at a price that suits your pocket.

If you can benefit greatly from implants, we can proceed with scheduling a second appointment to get started! If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We love helping patients understand their treatment.


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