If you want to build muscle, you cannot need to get an expensive gym membership or even fancy equipment to gain muscle effectively. You can just need to use your own body weight. In order to build muscle effectively, you need to challenge yourself and simultaneously to follow the principle of progressive overload.

Bodyweight exercises will be a fantastic way to help you build muscle. If you want to know more facts about exercise as well as workout which will help you build muscle and get a well-built body, there are many sites helpful and always ready to provide you with great help.

Here are 6 exercises which will help you build muscle and look great in a short time.

  1. The Best Exercises To Build Muscle

In this section of the article today, people will have a chance to discover some of the most amazingly health benefits for those who want to build muscle mass.

  1. Running Or Walking

Most of the people who you see in magazines that get amazing abs are runners, cyclists, athletes, and swimmers. They do not do spot training, they just get a huge amount of calorie consumption in their cardio. In fact, you do cardio work; and it means that you pull the navel into your core. However, even you run or walk, do not pay attention too much to the cardio. You should think about your abs and then pull them in. After that, you will see your strength to increase from that.

How to do: With just your own two legs and a good pair of shoes, you can do this exercise. You can try running a slow jog or walking at a quick clip for about 15-30 minutes. Add in increments of about 7-10 minutes every week.

  1. Squats

They are considered as one of the best exercises for you to build muscle. It is also easy to get more difficult versions after that. In the meantime, let’s do this exercise for buttocks and thighs to perfect your form for the best results.

How to do: At first, you stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, and let your arms be out straight behind your head or in front of you with your weight slightly back on the heels. Otherwise, you can also put your hands on the hips, pull the abdominals in and stand with square shoulders and raised chest. Start this exercise by pushing your butt and hips back and bending at your knees. Next, look straight ahead and then keep the chest up and back. Remember that you should remain your back in this neutral position during this movement. After that, sit down as if there is a chair behind you, squat down lower as far as you can without leaning the upper body more than some inches forward. Do not let your knees stick out past the toes. Finally, return to the starting position by moving through the heels. Remember not to lock the knees at the top of this movement. Throughout this exercise, weight should remain on the heels.

  1. Push-up

This exercise works your shoulders, chest, triceps, arms and abdominals and core for a muscle-building exercise. This is a good deal, so you should not neglect it.

How to do: Put your hands on the floor wider than shoulder-width apart and then lower yourself until the chest nearly touches the floor. Next, squeeze the gluteus maximum together and simultaneously tense your abs because you lower raise and lower your body. Let your elbows be close to your sides in order to protect the shoulders.

In case that you cannot do a push-up, you can modify doing a similar movement with the knees bent and keeping them stable on the floor. Otherwise, you can also do push-ups by getting started on an incline. You have to use the same method above against the wall. Put your hands beyond shoulder-width apart on the wall, tighten the core; and then press and lower back to the ground.

  1. One-Arm Row

This is an exercise that is good for your shoulders, upper, and middle back.

How to do: Firstly, you stand to the left of a chair with feet hip-width apart. You keep a dumbbell in the right hand by facing your palm in. Next, you pull your abdominals in, and then bend forward from your hips. At the same time, your back will have a small arch, and you will be parallel to the ground with knees slightly bent. After that, place your left hand on the seat of the chair for balance. You tilt the chin toward the chest; therefore, your chest will be in line with the rest of the spine. Next, you have to pull the right arm up along the body’s side until your elbow can point to the ceiling and the hand brushes against the waist. Finally, lower your weight back down in a slow way. Complete the reps, and then you have to switch sides.

  1. Bench Press

It is considered as the most dependable way to build chest muscle that you should try doing.

How to do: At first, you start with a weight which you are able to lift in a comfortable way. In case that you are a beginner, try raising the bar up along with 5lbs on each side. With arms at shoulder-width apart, you grab onto the bar, and then lower it slowly until it is to touch your chest’s bottom. Next, you push up until the arms are completely extended upwards. Finally, do 8-10 reps like this for 3 sets. You can also add further weight each set.

  1. Deadlift

How to do: You start this exercise with the barbell on the ground. You stand with the feet under the bar. Remember not to touch it with the shins, instead, keep hip-width stance with toes out 15o. Next, you grab the bar about shoulder-width apart, and then hang arms vertical just outside the legs. Bend the knees. Keep this position until the shins can touch the bar. Remember not to move the bar, and keep it over the feet. After that, lift the chest and straighten your back at the same time. Remember not to move the bar, drop your hips and squeeze your shoulders-blades. Next, you take a breath, keep it and stand up. Hold the bar against the legs. Remember not to shrug or lean back at the top. You will finish this exercise when you lock your knees and hip. Return the weight to the ground by raising your hips back.  Whenever the bar touches your knees, bend your legs.

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