There’s no need to pay for a gym membership or invest in exercise equipment. You can lose weight and get into shape by doing exercises at work, at home, in front of the TV, etc. Of course, it still helps to eat healthy, do cardio on a regular basis, and to do fitness research on sites like Beldt Labs.

Whenever you’re pressed for time, though, you can do the following exercises everywhere:

Squats – Squats are simple, yet effective exercises for building muscle in the lower body. Simply stand with your feet hip-width apart, keeping your feet facing forward. While keeping your torso straight, slowly bend your knees until your hips are close to the floor. Slowly rise back up. Do 10 reps, two or three times a day.

Chair dips – All you need is a chair, and you can do these tricep strengthening exercises. There are various techniques for increasing or decreasing resistance. The easiest way to do a chair dip is to sit in a chair and place your hands on both sides of you, holding down onto the edge, with knuckles facing forward. Slowly slide off the seat and hold yourself up with your arms. Your arms should be kept straight and your body should remain close to the chair. As you lower yourself down, your elbows should bend directly behind you. Straighten your arms for two seconds and slowly pull yourself up. Your arms – not feet – should support your way through the entire motion.

Push ups – As long as there is room to lie down, you can do push ups. The simplest form of push-up is to position your hands a bit farther than shoulder-width apart and lift yourself up and down. The fitness section at has a wide range of push-ups listed.

Low-belly leg reach – To do this exercise, you lie down facing up, with knees bent at a right angle. Keep your hands behind your head and your abs contracted; your knees should be stacked over hips.  Lift your shoulders and crunch up, inhaling and holding for three seconds. Exhale and extend your legs forward to 45-degrees; squeeze your lower belly and hold for another three seconds.

Any yoga exercise or pose – Don’t underestimate yoga – it offers many benefits for the mind and body. If you’ve never tried it, it’s easy to get the hang of. Fitness Magazine offers some advice on beginner poses. Some can be done on the floor, and others can be done standing up, like the Extended Hand-to-Big Toe Pose and the Eagle Pose.

Sit-ups and crunches – You just need a bit of floor space to do sit-ups. If you have nobody to hold your feet down, spread your legs a bit to keep them from coming up or place them underneath something. Try doing at least 25 sit-ups or 15 crunches at a time!

Jogging or walking in place – If you don’t like to go outside and can’t afford a treadmill, just jog or walk in place while playing a game or watching videos. It’s not as good exercise as actually jogging or walking, but it’s still a decent workout. If you’re tired of sitting down at the office, just get up and walk around for a couple of minutes. Walk or jog whenever and wherever possible.

These are a few examples of exercises you can do without any equipment (aside from maybe a chair or mat). Learn more about fitness and read fat burner reviews at


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