If you work out without following any real guideline, the progress would be slow in showing. On the other hand, if you learn about several basic facts regarding muscle building, you would have a real guideline, and your muscle-building progress would become all the more effective as you apply tried and true methods to it.

The 15 Most Basic Facts about Building Muscle

The 15 most basic facts about building muscle that you will need to know in order to get the maximum result are:

  • Protein

Every man worth his salt knows that protein is the main source of energy that you should consume when you are trying to build muscle. Eggs are the simplest and richest source of protein.

  • Weight Gain Monitoring

As you gain muscle, you will also gain weight. Monitor your weight to see how much muscle you have gained. Generally, if you gain ten pounds, the girth of your arms should have increased by one inch.

  • Maximum Stretching

Make sure that you stretch properly before beginning the exercise. Without proper stretching, your muscle will be stiff and inflexible, so the end result would not be as maximized.

  • Raw Vegetables

You need the nutrients which are contained within vegetables. But cooking the vegetables would take the majority of the nutrients right out of them, so it would be best if you could eat them raw.

  • Hydration

Make sure that you stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to replenish those that you lost during the exercise.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine would increase your awareness and enhance your performance during exercise, just be sure not to drink overly much because it could wreak havoc upon your body.

  • Sleep

Eight hours of sleep per day should suffice for a grown man, but make sure that you do not sleep any less than that.

  • Liquid Breakfast

Sustenance in the form of liquid is the easiest to absorb by the body. Because of that, it would be best if you could blender a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables for your energy breakfast every morning.

  • Supplements

Supplements could really help with your muscle-building regime. Just make sure not to consume supplements before your meals. Nutrients from real food are more important than those from supplements.

  • Routine Switch

Every three weeks you should switch your routine so that the muscle buildup all over your body would be even and well-proportionate.

  • Fresh Food

Avoid eating canned or preserved food if possible. Fresh food contains a wealth of nutrients that could really help you in getting that dream body of yours.

  • Small Exercises

Every single thing in your life could be turned into something that allows you to exercise. For example, jog to work instead of driving a car if possible. This is perfect for those who have no time to spare exclusively for exercise.

  • Rest

Make sure that you do not push your body too hard. Get some rest after a routine, then start again.

  • Discipline

It is most important to be discipline when trying to build muscle. Make sure that you have a strict regime that you follow.

  • Gradual Increase

Do not increase the weight too quickly. Give your body some time to adapt before gradually increasing the routine.

If you learn and follow all the facts listed above, you would be well on your way to gaining that perfect muscular form that would be the envy of every other man. Quality is always more important than quantity. Make sure that your workout is an effective and efficient one.


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