Summer’s just around the corner. Or maybe you want to look good for your college reunion. Whatever the case may be, you want to look your best. But what do you do when you’re not into team sports?

How can you stay healthy when you have a hectic work schedule, take care of kids at home, don’t have the time, or don’t enjoy participating in public sports events such as a marathon? What can you do to stay healthy?

Thankfully, there are ways of shedding the pounds and staying fit without joining a team. Experts on physical fitness share a few tips on what you can do if you’re not the extroverted or athletic type. But first, it is important to understand why you don’t like team sports.

Why some people don’t like teams

You are not alone. There are plenty of people of all age groups who don’t like sports. But before you dismiss physical activity altogether, you need to consider the reasons why you don’t like it.

1. Lack of skills

There are plenty of programs available for kids as young as preschoolers, but it is only when they reach their 7th year that they start showing abilities. At this point, their attention spans have greatly improved, allowing them to grasp rules and some basic strategies.

In adults, the lack of skills may be an even more significant deterrent. You may feel that you’re too old to learn a new sport or skill. But no need to worry as there are programs, even in your local community, that allows you to pick up a new sport regardless of your age or skill.

2. Too competitive

Not all kids, or even adults, are naturally competitive. Some people may play for fun, make friends, learn a new skill, or to stay fit. If this describes you or your child, you may want to look for sporting programs that are in line with your beliefs.

It can be frightening, especially for young kids, to encounter coaches who are focused on winning. They may not feel comfortable when their coaches bark orders.

Look at several sporting programs in your local community before you sign up for any one of them. Check out non-competitive, talk to coaches, and even the participants, to find a group that shares the same philosophy as you. If you can’t find one, consider learning an individual sport instead such as tennis, swimming or skating.

3. Stage fright

Playing in a sports team can trigger anxiety in some people. They may feel a need to perform in front of a large group of people or feel self-conscious.

Instead of pressuring yourself or your kids to perform, keep stock of what the goal is for signing up. The ultimate goal is to become fit, with sports providing a fun way to do so. If the sport does not satisfy this need or objective, move on and look for something else that does.

Staying fit beyond team sports

In some cases, and over time, you or your child may develop a liking to team sports. But even if you don’t, know that team sports are not the only way to get fit or stay healthy. There are other ways to get the recommended one hour or more of physical activity.

Go for free play

Free play is one way. Compared to formal sports, free play allows the individual to stay active without the rigid rules. Dancing, aerobics, jumping rope, riding a bike, jumping on the trampoline, pole dancing, wall climbing, shooting hoops with friends, and orienteering are some ways of free play.

With free play, the individual gets a chance to learn skills and practice, without being overly competitive or the risk of humiliation. In the case of orienteering, individuals get to exercise their brains while having fun and being out in nature.

Individual sports

Other than free play, another way to stay fit without the crowds is playing individual sports. Depending on where you live, what facilities or equipment are available, there are many sports to choose from, including the following:

  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Martial arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Badminton

Much like team sports, ask around in your local community to see what sports you or your kids can sign up for or facilities you can use.

Find a hobby

Any amount of physical activity is beneficial for the body, whether it involves skateboarding or woodworking. You and your kids can sign up for musical theatre or dancing classes during the summer, as an after-class activity or look for classes provided in the community. An alternative is to simply find a park where you can freely and safely do your thing, like skate, play football or do aerobics.

Team sports may not be for everybody, but there are still ways to stay fit and healthy. Know you want and enjoy doing and explore the options available to find the right physical activity for you.


Possessing more than two decades of experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, Tony Kouris joined Zayed Sports City as General Manager in January 2018. With extensive career experience, a value on interpersonal relationships, and strong negotiating experience, he is positioned to support Zayed Sports City’s strategic growth and continue to innovate the site as an internationally recognised sport and entertainment destination.


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