Not everybody trains with the same goal, somebody trains for building muscle while others simply want to get rid of fat or else get shredded. However, one thing is for sure – gone are the days where people used to work out only to look good. In today’s scenario, most of the people are training for strength purposes rather than only for aesthetics. And hence, there’s rise in people choosing weights and barbells instead of simple lazy ass cardio. Moreover, the perception of people towards lifting weights has also changed over the time and for good reason. But mind well, there’s goes a lot of elements (other than curling and hammering weights) in building up serious strength. Here we are with some handpicked strength training tips from the pros to help you achieve a strongman’s strength.

  1. First thing – WarmUp

Without pushing yourself beyond your limits, you are not gonna get any stronger. And with the strength training, you certainly need to get out of your comfort zone and push your body beyond limits which requires some serious effort. Thus, it’s suggested to perform low intensity dynamic warm ups prior to lifting weights. Warming up before a heavy lifting session will keep you away from muscle pulls, tears and all other sort of injuries.

However, keep yourself away from any static stretching before workout as it may hamper your performance during the training.

Also include couple of light weight warmup sets prior to lifting heavy as it will ensure that you get proper blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Follow ‘Reverse Pyramid’ technique

These days, Internet is full of different techniques that are claimed to be best for building strength. While everyone else is busy in deciding which one is better than other, we have already chosen the best one for you – the Reverse Pyramids.

Many of you might have already heard about it from top class bodybuilders.

Unlike to traditional method of lifting, in Reverse Pyramids, you don’t have to start from light weights and end up to heaviest you can lift.

In this technique, you will have to do the heaviest lifts first for each exercise and then gradually decrease the load to lightest weight you wish to lift.

For instance, if you are hitting barbell curls, start with the heaviest weight first in the first set and then for the second set drop the weights and gradually lighten the load for next sets.

  1. Switch it up quite often.

Imagine a situation where you are forced to eat the same food for 6-8 weeks. How would you feel? Of course, it would be boring.

The same is the case with your body. When you don’t change your workout routine and methods after some period of time, your body finds it boring and slows down the growth.

And hence, keep a track of your workout routine and change it quite often like after every 4-6 weeks by adding some new exercises and deleting the old ones for a while.

  1. Eat and eat well!

What we are talking about here is eating like a true strongman.

Remember, “You cannot replace your bad diet by exercising”

Also know that, everybody loves to train hard and the only way you can beat others is by defeating them through one of the most essentially bodybuilding and strength training component – Diet.

Get in more amounts of calories through quality proteins, complex carbs and good fats (of course they do exist).

Some of the finest sources of protein include dairy products, lean meat, fish and other poultry products. Apart from this, whey protein shake is one good way to increase your daily protein intake plus it helps increase muscle growth and aids speedy recovery. Follow up this link – whey protein at reasonable amount to buy excellent quality whey protein products at cheapest prices. You can get complex carbs from whole grain products and good fats from olive oil, almonds, nuts and nuts butter. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated (no soda cans, only water).


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