Last year, a newspaper bore a section full of articles on some of the most popular diet plans till date and as I read it, I could not believe myself. There was about cutting off one’s body fat through surgery, consuming a tapeworm’s egg which would grow inside one’s body to become a parasite and help taking away the consumer’s body fat and gifting him a slimmer body.(And if fate turned bad, a liver disease too as bonus.)

Why go for brutal and complex procedures like them when we have this much simpler and much easier diet plan, I am going to write about! It needs no doctors for carrying out some surgeries. And a tapeworm egg? Hell no. All that it takes is few fruits and veggies and water. And a little bit of your patience. And a bit more.

Here is the plan, check it out:

GM Diet plan, what is it?

-How does it help?

-Why should you try it?

-The diet plan outline

-The GM diet soup

-After the 7 days

-Should you exercise?

-Few points to bear in mind

-Few FAQs!

GENERAL MOTORS Diet plan, what is it?

This diet, surprisingly was designed by an American car company, General Motors, to help its employees get rid of their extra fat, thereby increasing workforce productivity by making the workers healthier.It was even tested at Johns Hopkins Research Centre, so now you know it’s not just a lonely writer making up a story for you all. It does work.

The diet plan asks you to give seven days for it. Each day you’ve to eat or drink only what is mentioned. At the end you’ll see the result for yourself.

How does it help?

The main principle is it that it helps in killing off the body fat rather than allowing it to get stored inside the body.It helps detoxification. That means that the body systems are cleansed and the toxins which keep us tired and overweight are flushed away. Regular detoxification helps regular bowel movements, urination and faster digestion eventually resulting in considerable weight loss. Faster digestion– since only food rich in fibers and low in sugar are to be taken, they speed up digestion as they are easily absorbed by stomach. Also as lot of water is to be taken, they help dissolve the absorbed fiber rich foods into nutrients.

Regular bowel movement– the fiber rich foods and lot of water help in flushing away from the body the unwanted solid entities in the digestive system. Thus problems like constipation can bade you farewell.

Why should you try it?
Because tapeworm eggs might be little costly.
They’re not? Well then because this one works!
Also, since it demands only 7 days, you’ll stay motivated throughout the period.

The diet plan-

Day1- just fruits!

Because, the rich intake of water flushes out the toxins and makes your body prepared for the next six days of dieting. Also, the fiber-rich fruits keep you full for longer.

Might help-

  • Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C help in flushing out the toxins.
  • Melon fruits like Watermelon, for regular urination,also helping in removing the toxins from the body.
  • Also you could eat the fruits pee, like that of apple and papaya, as it will help you in fighting off the hunger.


Day2- just vegetables!

 Because, vegetables have all the nutrients that you need. They will energize you for the next day of the diet.

It doesn’t matter whether raw or cooked, just take it. All of them. You can make a salad of them, but remember NOT to use salad dressing, your entire diet will be a waste.

Might help-

  • You can have boiled potatoes for breakfast as it will give a good energetic start to your day.
  • There is no harm in adding spices to your vegetables.
  • You can also have tomato or cabbage soup for lunch or dinner.


Day3-  blend of the above two!

Because, the fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber and nutrients together, help your body to replenish itself. And of course the water will help to flush out the toxins.

Remember, no potatoes and bananas.


Day4- bananas and milk!

Because, bananas are rich in potassium and pectin, the latter helps in digestion. They are also instant source of energy. Milk is rich in calcium that strengthens bones.

Might help-

  • To show some mercy on your taste buds after their 3 bad days, you can make a smoothie out of two bananas and a glass of milk.


Day5- tomatoes , brown rice/beef!

Because, now your body could use some proteins for proper nourishment.

A day of feast! Go with the vegetables (any), in addition to it make sure that you are giving your body enough of protein. Beef is recommended since it is rich in proteins, but the vegetarian pals here can go for other protein source like lots of paneer and curd. Have at least 6 tomatoes as well.

Might help-

  • It is necessary to increase your water intake in order to help your body get rid of the uric acid which you will be producing on this day.

Vegetarians can also have brown rice, since it is rich in fiber. It helps digestion.


Day6- unlimited amount of proteins and vegetables!

An another relatively high food intake day. In addition to the other nutrient-rich foods, mix of vegetables provides the fiber and nutrients needed by our body.  Have the similar food stuff  as the previous day’s, in an increased quantity if needed.


Day7- juice, brown rice and veggies. No limit!

Because, the fruit juices will remove the toxins from the system, and the other food items will provide you with much energy.

This terminal day consists of eating all the vegetables you could, fruit juices and brown rice. See that the juice doesn’t have much of sugar.

GM diet soup:

The GM diet soup is a soup with all the vegetables that you could have on the said days. It is to finish your nutrition and also to help you with hunger.You can start having this in ANY quantity ONLY after the GM 3rd day.



6 onions

3 tomatoes

1 cabbage

2 green peppers

A bunch of celery

½ liter of water

Method of Preparation

Chop the peppers and onions. Then put them in a pot and sauté them in olive oil, until they turn light brown. Then chop the tomatoes, cabbage and celery. Add them to the pot along with some water.

The soup will take around 60 mins to get prepared. Then leave the vegetables to boil and then leave to simmer. Add some pepper and salt f you like. The soup is ready.

After all these 7 days,

  • Certainly, a weight loss of at least 6-8 kgs. (because, who are you kidding, you have given away your hard 7 days to it)
  • You’d feel the change, both physically and mentally. (the latter one too, yes, no joke.)
  • A sense of well-being. (ahnn, though you weren’t looking for it.)
  • Natural glowing skin. (an unexpected bonus, isn’t it!)


WHAT ELSE? ‘Exercise’ a must.

While bearing in mind all the food and drinks that are to be taken on GM diet, it is equally important to exercise. When I talk about exercises, I’m not talking about the high-intense work outs, because you don’t want to risk yourself, your body on this diet plan now doesn’t have much energy. So, any mild workout or any of your favorite sport or even the simpler daily chore would do the thing. Yoga, the best.

If you don’t want to ruin all of this, bear these in mind

  • Drink no alcohol.
  • Drink water as much as possible. A repetitive point I know, so you should know how important it is.
  • This diet plan is NOT suitable for children, pregnant women and those suffering from ailments. So it is must to check with a doctor before starting it.
  • Side effects– hair loss, headache and dry skin for the first few days of the diet. That is why it is recommended to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration at any given moment. Anemia, fatigue and general weakness are other health risks.


Few FAQs

Can diabetic patients try the GM diet?

NO, not allowed.

How old does one have to be to try the GM diet?

Above18 years old only.

How to maintain our ideal weight after GM diet?

By regular exercise and diet.

Will I gain weight again once the GM diet is over?

Yes, if you eat carelessly again and not exercise.

Can I have honey – lemon water in the morning? No, you can’t have honey, but lemon, yes.

Can I have tea or coffee? Herbal teas are fine. Coffee, no.

So, there it goes. A simple diet plan with few limitations of it’s own but yet an effective and recommendable diet plan. You are your own best judge to decide upon it. As it is said, “do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


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