Broccoli is a delicious cruciferous veggie that is growing in demand. According to the Economic Research Service of USDA, since more than 30 years ago, the consumption for an individual of fresh broccoli has raised from to 5.6 pounds in 2010 from 1.4 pounds in 1980.

The increased intake of broccoli could be thanks to the flexible nature of broccoli as it can work well when adding to soups, curries, stir-fries, and salads.

In addition, it is available year-round and is marketed as either a processed or fresh good. The stalks and flowers of broccoli are edible, whereas the leaves with bitter taste need to be discarded.

Cruciferous veggies provider a lot of benefits to human health, and broccoli is not an exception. It has high amounts of healthy nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin A that are extremely beneficial and important for our health.

Broccoli is also very abundant in many powerful antioxidants and sulfur. In addition, this veggie provides very low amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Benefits Of Broccoli – The Best Advantages Of Broccoli To Human Health

In this article, people will have a chance to learn about some of the best health advantages that broccoli brings to human life. Here they are:

  1. Promotes Hair Health

If you want to have strong and healthy hair, then you should add broccoli to your daily diet more frequently. Broccoli provides hair-nourishing vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, contributing to the development of smooth and strong hair.

These vitamins can help in stimulating the production of sebum secreted by hair follicles – an oily substance. Sebum can act effectively as a natural conditioner and moisturizer for your hair and scalp, which in turn can help in preventing frizzy and dry hair issues.

Moreover, broccoli contains calcium that can help to strengthen your hair follicles and can help to inhibit hair thinning and hair loss at the same time.

To get a good hair health and growth, you should consume raw broccoli heads 3 – 4 times per week.

  1. Aid Weight Loss

By adding broccoli more frequently into your diet, you can lose fat faster with ease. It is a low-calorie and low-fat vegetable that can help to fill you up within a short time period. Moreover, its high water and fiber content add volume to your daily meals without providing any empty calorie.

Moreover, it has protein along with minerals, including manganese, magnesium, and potassium that are essential for a healthy body and healthy immune system.

Just one cup of steamed broccoli could be seen as a healthy snack in your weight loss diet.

  1. Promote Healthy Bones

Only one serving of broccoli can also help to improve the health of your bone. Being very abundant in vitamin K and calcium, broccoli can help to promote the health of your bone and help a lot in preventing osteoporosis.

Moreover, a diet high in vitamin K can be associated with a lower risk of fractures. In addition, broccoli contains high levels of fiber and is low in calories, helping you in weight managing, which is very crucial for bone health.

Thus, consume broccoli on a regular basis to prevent the deficiency of calcium and its consequences.

  1. Supports Eye Health

The abundant combination of nutrients in broccoli can make it super beneficial for eye health. The 2 carotenoids, known as zeaxanthin and lutein, found with high levels in broccoli are very necessary for maintaining healthy eyes.

In addition, broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin A that plays an important role in generating retinal, the molecule that is light-absorbing required for both color and low-light vision.

Consuming broccoli on a regular basis can help a lot in improving your vision and reducing the risks of developing eye related issues, such as dry eyes, cataracts and macular degeneration.

  1. Stops Premature Aging

Broccoli can aid a lot in maintaining your youth because it can help a lot in slowing down the natural aging process as well as preventing premature aging. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C – an antioxidant that can help to fight against and beat off harmful free radicals, as well as preventing signs of premature aging such as skin spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

In addition, broccoli has vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, and beta-carotene that keep your skin young and impart natural glow.

Moreover, broccoli can work effectively as a natural sunscreen, protect our skin from the harmful UV rays from the sunlight.

Consume fresh broccoli to get natural glowing and beautiful skin without signs of premature aging.

  1. Boost Brain Power

Broccoli is actually an excellent source of vitamin K, which is well-known to improve brainpower and boost the cognitive function. It also contains high levels of B vitamins which are very important for boosting memory and mental stamina. Broccoli can also help in relieving the effects of depression and mental exhaustion as well.

The abundant amount of choline contained in this vegetable is crucial in the neural connections and new brain cell growth, which are very important for good memory and cognitive function. Choline also helps in preventing the neural tube defects in newborn babies.

Consuming 1 cup of broccoli 3 times per week can help a lot in reducing your risks of having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, especially for people at old ages.

  1. Support Detoxification

Broccoli can also help our body in its detoxification process because of the phytonutrients’ presence, such as glucobrassicin, gluconasturtiin, and glucoraphanin.

These phytonutrients provide a powerful influence on the entire detoxification process which includes the elimination of unwanted contaminants, neutralization, and activation. Besides, isothiocyanates in this vegetable can aid in controlling the detoxification process at a genetic level.

Getting rid of waste products and toxins and flushing them out the body is very beneficial for our overall health. It can aid in boosting your energy levels, improve digestion, stimulate circulation, improve metabolism, and increase immunity.

  1. Maintain Heart Health

Experts at Imperial College London at the National Heart and Lung Institute have discovered some proof for the statement that certain chemical content of broccoli can help a lot in boosting a natural defense mechanism, which gives a protection to the arteries from being clogged and leading to heart attacks.

Having high contents of antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium, broccoli can help to reduce heart damage resulted from oxygen deprivation, improve the arteries’ blood-pumping ability, and provide higher levels of chemicals good for heart health during the deprivation of oxygen.

Some evidence also indicated that consuming broccoli regularly can help to reverse the damage to blood vessels of the heart due to diabetes.

Add this heart-healthy veggie into your daily diet so that you will be able to get reduced risks of strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure

Experts at the OHSU School of Medicine discovered that this veggie can help a lot in regulating blood pressure. Broccoli contains an organic sulfur compound named sulforaphane, playing an important role in improved DNA methylation, which is very crucial for proper gene expression and normal cellular function. This is turn can help to normalize the levels of blood pressure.

In addition, the potassium, calcium, and magnesium contents of broccoli can aid a lot in regulating blood pressure levels.

Along with other cruciferous veggies like arugula, horseradish, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, broccoli should be included into your daily diet to regulate the levels of your blood pressure.

  1. Prevent Cancer

Many researches have shown that broccoli can help to prevent cancers as well. According to experts at Oregon State University in the Linus Pauling Institute, a compound called ‘sulforaphane’ contained in broccoli can help to prevent cancers through the of epigenetics’ complex mechanism.

Another research conducted at Johns Hopkins University showed that this veggie can help in reducing the tumor size by 75% and preventing the growth of tumors by 60%.

Broccoli may especially hinder the growth of skin, prostate, cervical, uterus, and breast cancers.

Everyone should consume at least 1.5 cups of broccoli 2 – 3 times on a weekly basis. Men should consume 4 servings a week to reduce their risks of developing prostate cancer. 1 serving of this veggie equals 2 florets.

In this article, there are 10 best benefits of broccoli for human health revealed and people should know and consider them as the reasons why broccoli should be consumed more frequently. If you have anything to ask about this article, leave your comments below.

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