Mint, the popular herb, is often an ingredient in gum, candy or tea, or is used for seasoning some kinds of salad. Moreover, it has many benefits for health. Here are many health benefits of mint leaves you should know:

  1. Cure Hiccups, Asthma

Menthol in mint leaves helps to calm down uncomfortable hiccups. At home, you only add some warm water to a cup, and then add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, a little salt, and some mint leaves  you will have a remedy to cure hiccups. Mint leaves are also useful for reducing the symptoms of asthma and allergies caused by fungus.

  1. Stop Bad Breath

The home remedy is one of the health benefits of mint leaves widely used in the toothpaste and mouthwash industries. A few fresh mint leaves will help you to get rid of bad breath quickly. Just chew some leaves after eating you will see the clear effect of this tip.

  1. Digestive Support

Menthol in mint leaves relaxes the muscles in the intestinal wall. Recently, Alex Ford, a researcher at McMaster University in Canada, came to the conclusion that peppermint oil is the top choice against IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), rather than the common drugs on the market.

  1. Mint Tea Makes It Easier To Sleep

Many people say that enjoying a cup of mint tea for a good night’s sleep. Mint tea contains vitamin B, potassium, calcium and pleasant aroma increase the immune system to help relax muscles and easier to sleep. A cup of warm mint tea with some fresh orange juice is very useful for your body after a working day.

  1. Control Your Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Most of the m int leaves provide essential minerals for health such as potassium, magnesium, etc. For example, when you add 100 grams of fresh mint leaves into your salad dish. It means that you will consume 0.569 g of potassium while our body needs about 3.5g every day. Potassium is predominantly inside the cell and plays an important part in the metabolism, participating in the pH regulatory system of the cell.

  1. Reduce Nausea

The natural aroma of peppermint leaves will help you to reduce nausea, so growing some mint trees at home or reserve one peppermint bottle in a car will be very helpful to you. This is one of the health benefits of mint leaves especially suitable for people who are easily car-sick during long trips.

  1. Lose Weight

Mint leaves are a natural remedy to help you lose weight. According to a research led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush from Wheeling Jesuit University (US) showed that menthol improves the metabolism and controls your appetite, thus helping to consume fat naturally. This is one of the natural remedies to lose weight recommended by doctors.

  1. Increase Alertness

Scientific studies have shown that mint essences are natural remedies that help to keep you awake and do not affect your health. If you feel sleepy in the morning, make a cup of mint mouthwash will help you take care of your teeth and stop sleepiness.

  1. Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Mint leaves contain antioxidants called rosmarinic acid, a chemical compound primarily found in many plants. The research shows that antioxidants (rosmarinic acid) help to reduce seasonal allergic symptoms, and is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. So you should boil a handful of mint leaves and mix them in your bathtub every day to prevent seasonal allergies.

  1. Reduce A Headache And Neck Pain

You can make a glass of mint tea or use some crushed mint leaves to massage your temples, chin, and nape of the neck, which will help to reduce your headache.  Menthol is considered as a useful reliever when you have a headache or neck pain.

  1. Cure The Common Cold

One of the health benefits of mint leaves applied for ages is curing a common cold. Having a cold has several symptoms including accumulation of sputum and sneeze. Mint leaves can be effective in relieving sore throat and stopping nasal congestion.You just crush a handful of mint leaves, and then drink or smell it.

  1. Good For Breast

For breastfeeding women, mint juice helps to prevent nipple cracks or nipple pain, according to a research published in International Breastfeeding Journal. This is considered one of the interesting health benefits of mint leaves when mint leaves are not only useful for your health but also for your beauty.

  1. Alleviate Dermatitis Caused By Insect Bites

Mint leaves help to soothe and cool the skin affected by insect bites, hives or another dermatitis. If you are actively attacked by a caterpillar or moth, boil a handful of mint leaves, add cold water and use it to wash your itchy skin, you will see the good effect of mint leaves immediately.

  1. Relieve Depression, Reduce Stress

Mint leaves are one of the effective natural cures and herbs for depression and anxiety. Some of the active ingredients in this kind of herb help calm your mood and stimulate the senses as well as make you more active. Drinking a glass of mint tea at night also helps you sleep and reduce stress after a stressful day.

These are some good reasons why mint leaves have taken over human health care. You should know more about health benefits of mint leaves and how to use these home remedies effectively. Planting this tree to decorate as well as keep your house cool, fresh is essential ever.

Posted by Huyen My, a health and beauty expert at VKool and AllRemedies


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