National Institute of Health approved the idea that certain fat amount is necessary for health and for absorbing other nutrients like vitamin A, D or E, especially for the growth and development of toddlers and infants. However what type of fat is healthy is still to be explore. Shocking it was, but such leading health institution missed the truth, and once again they demonized saturated fats including healthy fat in coconut oil and spread the same old myth that it can cause heart problems and in contrast promoted corn or canola oil as healthy.

NIH recommended 20 to 35% fat intake for adults, 25 to 35% for children between 4 to 18 years. Department of Agricultural dietary went even crazier and recommended less than 10% calories from saturated fats. However truth is that you can take 50 to 70% healthy fats in your diet to live healthy. NIH promoted another myth that “For weight loss, sources of calories isn’t important than number of calories consumed.”

Reality Of Saturated Fat

Saturated Fats is bad for heart has become much deep rooted in health and medicine industry and now it is hard to break through such misinformation. Truth is that link between saturated fat and heart problems was just a hypothesis or dogma which didn’t stand up for further investigation and there isn’t any significant evidence to conclude the link between saturated fat and risk of health problems as well as diabetes prevention.

An ideal diet that promote body’s optimal functioning includes at least 50% saturated fats from vegetables sources like tropical plants like coconut and several plant oils, and fat from organic fed animals like meat and dairy. Saturated fats helps body to provide building blocks for hormones and cell membranes, serve as carriers for soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K, convert carotene into A vitamin and for absorbing minerals, serve as antiviral, lower cholesterols and also modulate genetic regulation to prevent cancer.  For more information about fat loss read Fat Diminisher.

Healthy Fat Sources Are;

Olives and olive oils, coconut and coconut oils, Butter produced from raw organic grass fed animal milk, Nuts like pecans and almonds, organically pastured egg yolks, avocados, palm oil, grass fed meats and unheated nut oils.

Animal based omega 3 is another healthy fat you need to be mindful about. Deficiency in such essential fat can lead to serious health issues, both physical as well as mental. It is a significant underlying reason of around 96,000 premature deaths every year.


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