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If you live in Toronto, Canada and are looking to become healthier and adopt a better lifestyle which can help you move towards those health and fitness goals, we have some great news for you! Toronto is a city where being healthy comes supernaturally: the infrastructure and entertainment are all geared towards providing you with the facilities and options you need to always make healthy choices. Peruse the list below to go through a number of health-boosting benefits you can enjoy in Toronto, and start appreciating your city one thing at a time.

#1 Healthy Restaurants
Given the diverse community that lives in Torono, the city has adapted its cuisine and restaurant scene and a number of food options are supplied in the city. This includes health food restaurants and outlets, which serve a variety of vegan, vegetarian and meat-based options that you can choose over fast food or unhealthier options the next time you are looking to go out for the night. No matter where you live, you’re bound to find a number of outlets around you that will serve food that is both healthy and tasty, allowing you to get the most out of your night out while boosting your health.

#2 Cycling
Driving is expensive, and if you have a short commute or are just looking to find a way to incorporate cycling in your daily routine, try biking. Toronto is an excellent destination for cycling since the city has a bicycle lane network with great coverage and which can give you access to pretty much all points in the city bicycles. Additionally, bike sharing apps in Toronto mean you do not even need to invest in a bicycle to make this lifestyle change: just use a service like BikeShare, which just added 1000 bikes and 120 new stations, and cycle all around without having to worry about bike safety, car parking or Uber availability also check best neighborhood bicycle.

#3 Food Delivery Systems
If you feel like your schedule is hampering your health due to the time constraints that do not leave you any energy to map out the healthy living, ActivEats, this healthy meal delivery company in Toronto, has you covered. Customizable meal sets based on your dietary and nutritional requirements and preferences will be delivered to your doorstep every week. This will ensure that you keep a healthy diet and do not waste time or money shopping or planning out a meal plan. Additionally, it helps that the meals are tasty and have variety, so your healthy life does not ever bore you. Over time, making healthier choices will become second nature to you!

#4 Open Spaces
Toronto is a city that is rich in greenery and water. The urban planning of the city is focused on open spaces and healthy design, which provides ample opportunities for exercise and healthier living. According to EcoHealth Ontario, there is a 92% correlation between proximity to nature and mental health, which in turn has an effect on physical health.

#5 Air Quality
According to the World Health Organization, Canada’s average air pollutant air particle size is only 13 microgram per cubic meter, which is an exceptionally better position than China’s 55 micrograms per cubic meter of air or Delhi’s 150 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Toronto is even better than Canada’s average and has only 7.9 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Good air quality is vital for the lungs and for adds to a healthy lifestyle and long-term health. Additionally, it makes doing activities outside the house and engaging in a healthy physical activity far easier than in more polluted cities. Take advantage of this and step outside for a bit of fresh air and some exercise!

#6 Grocery Stores
Like its restaurants, Toronto boasts a number of grocery stores around the city which offer a variety of healthy ingredients that can be utilized to make foods that are ideal for a better lifestyle. If you’re looking to make a healthy change, switch around the shopping list and opt for organic fruits, vegetables and other raw ingredients that you can convert into a wholesome meal for yourself that is both healthy and delicious. You’ll find that cooking all the food that you eat will also help you greatly in reducing the amount of unhealthy and excess food that you’re mindlessly snacking on.

Any of the ideas presented above can go a long way in helping you realize some of your health goals for 2019. Whether you choose to sign up for a healthy meals delivery plan, ride a bike to work once every few days in the week, engage in outdoor exercise and activity or simply take a day out of the week when you make and prepare your own food, you’ll find your lifestyle becoming more healthy and rewarding by the minute!


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