Holistic is understanding and accepting interconnectedness of something. In health, holistic living translates to the body, mind and spirit connection. The interconnected parts and aspects work together to provide wholesome health.

Taking a holistic living approach is a shortcut to fighting diseases and equipping the body with stronger antibodies to fight off infections and other antibodies. By eating organic foods and working out regularly, you are taking steps towards holistic living.

How Do You Live Holistically?

Being Mindful: When you master how to keep your mind in the present and figure out the best way to handle life as it is, you shall be several steps ahead of the crowd.

You learn how to focus awareness in the present state, not in the past or the future.

Avoid sadness, regrets, and remorse by blocking out the past in your mind. Get rid of unnecessary worry and anxiety by not thinking of what will happen in the future.

By focusing on the present, you will have a better perspective on the best ways to tackle issues that you might be facing.

Eating Toxins Free Foods: Clean eating as it’s commonly referred to mean eating chemical free grown crops and animal products. Also consuming foods that were cooked without ingredients that have processed additives. Fresh and clean foods eradicate any toxins in your body improving bodily functions.

Harnessing and Respecting Body Power: As plentiful as the number of unknown possibilities our bodies have, it still waits for the mind to show it the directions to follow.

Holistic living means creating a new mind concept that will help your body agree with your plans of becoming healthy by accepting changes in your diet and general lifestyle. Adjusting your mind will help your desire to get proper nutrition.

Creating Positive Relationships: No man is an island, and there are times in life that we have to work with others. Collective positive body health is dependent on positive relationships.

Holistic living dictates that you start practicing integrity, honesty and accepting to change into an individual with good behavior. Be mindful of people trying to put your achievements down and castigating every move you make to improve yourself.

We tread on different paths, and there are individuals you’ll have to cut off from your life to live holistically.

The Holistic Dos

Use ghee, coconut oil and if you have fat from organically raised meats for healthy sautéing. Use olive oil and other healthy oils for flavoring foods right after having prepared your meals.

Grate broccoli, puree squash, cauliflower, and various vegetables to spice up the taste and make them more nutritious. Combine fruit snacks with almond butter or organic cheese and protein.

Always opt for a healthy breakfast of solid foods rich in fats and protein. Snack on healthy snacks throughout the day.


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