Bikram Yoga diversifies into two breathing exercises, and 26 yoga poses done in 90 minutes in a room that is 100° hot allowing the heat to penetrate the body.

Bikram yogis stretch their bodies in the heat to relieve stress, detoxify and heal chronic pains including; knee injuries, joint aches, back problems and a host of other body ailments.

New members are confused when they join a class as they are not instructed on what to do and have to follow the flow until they master the lessons.

There are lots of benefits associated with Bikram yoga as any other form of yoga, some of these benefits including Mental, physical and emotional health benefits that:

  • Improving balance and posture
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Increased heart health lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and slowing heart rate
  • Detoxifying the body and reversing aging
  • Elevating mood and enhancing concentration help manage health conditions effectively including low back pain, insomnia, arthritis, and depression

Effective Fat Burning

While doing Bikram Yoga, the heart rate goes up due to the cardiovascular activity making it easy for the body to burn calories faster. Additionally, the heat raises metabolism levels thus speeding the breaking down of fatty acids and glucose.

The higher the metabolic rate, the more the chances of weight loss and having a toned body.

Improving Nervous System Function and Spinal Integrity

Body movement allows the spine to move into all motion ranges. Yogis open their spinal column vertebrae thus strengthening the supportive spinal column muscle groups. A healthy spine ensures that the user enjoys optimal health and well-being.

Stretching Benefits

Comfortable and easy stretching opens up musculoskeletal structures. The heat in the body allows yogis to have a fluid-like stretch enabling them to have greater movement range.

Connective tissues and body muscles become more elastic and help the body become flexible as they continue posing with minimal chances of injury.

The heat allows ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles warm up quickly making the movement for both the young and old comfortable and safer.

Bikram yoga lubricates ligaments and tendons further increasing body strength allowing yogis to form tougher, healthier bodies.

Discipline And Mental Focus

Yoga practice isn’t only physical, but a means to wake up meditation. The heat allows the mind to develop a sharp focus for better concentration and determination during the workout session.

Yogis train their mind to shove away distracting thoughts, and they concentrate more on their posture, breathing, their reflection on the mirror and listen intently to the instructor. Yoga practice frees the mind and helps yogis learn the art of meditation.

The more classes attended, the better yogis learn how to train their mind to focus on things that improve their livelihood.

Side Note: Yoga is known to help heal physical problems like straightening a bent back among others. Alternative medicine is a diverse field, and Calgary naturopathic doctors create an alternative medicine plan for patients.


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