You might have experienced pairing up with a giant muscular mate wearing big BJJ gi in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, which made you breathless at first. You must have been quite terrified of wondering how you would be able to cope up with him during the match. And then yes, he did what you expected and threw you off just right after the match started. Then what? After that brilliant starting performance, he became exhausted. The reason behind this is his big muscles, as such a huge muscle size is not considered as a plus point on the mat. Here are some of the reasons why big muscles can negatively affect your performance in BJJ.

More Oxygen Is Needed

The muscles need more oxygen if they are larger in size. For a bigger muscle mass, the body requires more oxygen throughout the day whether you’re playing, resting, or sleeping. As the muscles need oxygen, it means that your body will have to work even more to supply an appropriate amount of oxygen to the large muscles. As a result, the body becomes exhausted very quickly and it needs time to supply a good quantity of oxygen and to come back to the normal position. That is exactly the reason your mate during the fight was so exhausted. In order to quickly regain the energy, the heart beats at a high speed. As a result, his BJJ gi becomes all wet with sweat just in a few minutes. In such a way, huge muscles in BJJ can be a problem in terms of winning the game as well as for overall health. The heart and lungs both are the primary organs that get affected the most in such a case.

More Flexibility but Lack of Mobility

There are two major skills that are required to win the BJJ match i.e. flexibility and mobility. BJJ players with more muscles can be great at flexibility but they have a lack of mobility. Before you get confused about both of the concepts, let me make it quite clear firstly what both skills actually are. More flexibility on the body will enable you to bend without break while standing in the same position. Whereas mobility enables you to move around in a full range on the matt to perform activities and to implement different skills. These terms have completely different meanings especially in terms of their implementation and importance, however, many people mix them. Individuals with big muscles have an issue with mobility and it slows them down in the match. Therefore, in order to have more mobility, Yoga is suggested to BJJ practitioners. Being more mobile helps you the most in BJJ such as making movements for takedown, pulling guard, sweeping, etc. 

Muscles Need More Time for Training

If you want to have big muscles or you already have ones, needless to say, they need ample time to maintain them. It’s not just about one hour in the gym, building muscles are much more than that. Diet, training, rest, focus, what is not needed for it? Do you think you have time for it? The answer is clear that you do not have much time to do it if you actually want to train for BJJ and want to be good at it. If you spend a lot of energy and time in weight training for building muscles, you will be sacrificing your energy, dedication, and most importantly your time for BJJ. The time that building muscles demand can slow down your BJJ.


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