While looking good is supposed to be something subjective and elusive, it is not always so. Women often equate the notion of being skinny with looking good, while for men, muscles are all it takes. This is why muscle building is one of the most popular fitness practices amongst the male population. However, while a lot of people try to lift, improve their diet and adjust their lifestyle, they usually don’t do it the right way. Furthermore, a lot of people tend to expect too much and in too short a time span. With this in mind, here are some basic tips about muscle building as well as some tips on what to expect when you start training.

Keep it Real

The first thing we absolutely must mention is that 99 percent of all disappointments in life are caused by unrealistically high expectations. At their core, people are usually impatient and will always try to find a shortcut. This is the reason for all those diets that promise you will lose several pounds per week. Nothing good in life can ever be built overnight and trying to cheat your own body will never turn out well in the long run.

Another thing that inflates these unrealistic hopes is of course Hollywood. Open any magazine and you will see how this or that actor has gained 40 pounds in several months for a role. Sure, this is somewhat true, but in these situations the aforementioned actors hit the gym 3 times a day, have a sleep-in personal trainer and nutritionist as well as the most quality supplements they can buy. In some cases, they even use illegal training enhancers, but this usually gets left out. On the other hand, by building muscles naturally you can optimistically gain up to 2 pounds a month (which roughly amounts to 20-25 pounds per year).

Determining Factors

It would be insincere to claim that there is one ideal set of exercises, just one superior diet regimen or lifestyle change for everyone. Some people are genetically better predisposed to building muscles. Also, people in their 20s and 30s are much more likely to benefit from these exercises than those in their 50s. This is all just the tip of the iceberg of what affects one’s muscle building endeavors. It is also because of this that you shouldn’t be surprised to find something most people recommend not working out for you, while getting desired results where you least expect it.

Proper Equipment

Seeing how on an average male, muscles make up for more than 45 percent of overall body composition, it is more than clear that it was intended for us to put them into motion from the very beginning. However, to reduce the risk of injury, increase your mobility and enhance your performance in the gym, you might want to grab the appropriate gym clothes. You don’t want your sweatpants to be too loose and get stuck in the machines, same as you don’t want your t-shirt to be too tight and restrict your movements. Finally, some materials may react badly in contact with your body and this can cause a serious concern.

Not Just About the Gym

Finally, it is not all about the gym either. Your lifestyle, the things you eat, the amount of sleep you are getting and what you do for a living are also things that determine the successfulness of all your exercise endeavors. There is a curious statistic, which claims that dusting for just one hour burns up to 170 calories. For comparison, 1g of fat has 9 calories, while with carbohydrates and proteins the ratio is 1 to 4. All in all, home activities also help you burn caloriesand this is something you should probably be aware of.


The most important thing in bodybuilding and fitness in general is that it is a never-ending process. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you want it, you simply won’t be able to build the physique of your dreams in a matter of months. This is a process that takes years and maintaining these results takes the rest of your life. Sure, it may sound exhausting, but it was not meant to be easy in the first place. No good thing in life comes easy.


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