Navy SEALs are a synonym for the highest physical and mental fitness. And rightfully so – their trainings are focused on fully preparing them for a wide range of extremely demanding situations. It is clear, then, that one can’t go without the other; the top-notch physical condition will require an amazing mental stability and dedication.

Some Fitness Requirements to Be a Navy SEAL

The honest truth is: Most of the people who think they are quite fit and physically ready probably wouldn’t be able to pass the Navy SEAL PST (Physical Screening Test). The demands you have to fulfill only to be considered for the training to become a SEAL are unbelievable.

For example, in their minimum standards, you need to be able to do a 500-yard swim in under 12.5 minutes and 50 push-ups and curl-ups in under 2 minutes.

As for their optimum standards, you need to be able to do a 500-yard swim in under 8 minutes and 50 seconds, while 100 push-ups and curl-ups should be done within 2 minutes. As you can see, it’s not really a breeze.

How to Become as Physically Fit?

If you believe you are capable of reaching that level of fitness, here are a few useful tips and steps to follow.

Assessing How Prepared You Are

This encompasses your exercise activities and preferences in the last ten years as well as your general attitude, i.e. how dedicated you are.

If you are a team player who has good stamina, handles water training activities well and thinks of a physical training session as a necessary part of your everyday routine, then you are probably quite prepared for arduous SEAL workouts.

Starting at Your Own Pace

As mentioned, if you’ve found yourself in the above description, you’ll probably handle SEAL-inspired CrossFit exercises quite well and this is a good starting program for you. However, if you don’t belong to these well-prepared starters, begin at a slower pace.

Jogging a mile 3-4 times a week while gradually trying to reduce the time you need for this length is a good beginning for you.

Gradually Building up Your Workout Routine

The training sessions should be a combination of short and long exercise intervals. This means that you need to have long intervals of the training where you use around 90% of your abilities and short parts where you give your maximum. Once you’ve gotten in some shape by running, add swimming and other exercises in your routine. Of course, you’ll do swimming and running alternatively, not on the same day.

Now, when it comes to intervals, start with 2 long and 4 short intervals.

As you perfect each of the intervals, gradually add ½ of the interval at a time until you reach a point where your training includes 4 long and 8 short intervals. This is where you stop adding intervals and start working on your time.

Meeting the Minimum Standards of the PST

To reiterate:

It is very important that you gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.

As you slowly intensify your trainings, you will be closer and closer to reaching the minimum standards of the SEALs’ PST. Once you perfect those requirements, you will then be able to start working on reaching the optimum standards.

More Navy SEAL Fitness Tips

These are the general steps to follow while upgrading your fitness levels to meet SEAL standards. However, there are also some small tricks and tips that can further help you through this process.

Strength Workouts

There should be one strength workout per week. In addition, you don’t need weights for them, as they won’t help you much for what you’re trying to do.

Workout Variety

It is important for you to keep being interested in your training. This is best done by introducing an unconventional training experience one day a week – cycling, rowing, hiking, or some other aerobic exercise.


Always set the goals you have to reach – this will keep you motivated. Once you reach them, keep setting new ones over and over, since that is the only way you’ll get better.

Stay Safe

The aim of your workouts is not pushing yourself towards injury, so be careful and never work through pain. Also, it would be wise to consult your physician before starting you training. If you have a heart condition, consider some lighter routines.


There’s no denying that SEAL fitness standards are extremely high. However, if you truly want to reach those ideals, it isn’t unattainable. After all, everything should be achievable if you put enough effort in achieving it.

The key is staying safe and motivated while working continuously and hard.

If you happen to need some extra tips, interesting training schemes to break the workout monotony, or some helpful training gear, there are a number of websites that you are able to consult, such as SEAL Grinder and the like.


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