Right Mattress for Fitness Gains

If you are working, going to school or simply have a hectic daily routine, you probably don’t manage to get as much sleep as you should. Although some people can function well without much sleep, it’s not healthy and may lead to long-term health consequences. You can also try to boost your energy levels during the day with coffee, and energy drinks, but over time, you may become dependent on these things, which is also not good, especially if you are into fitness and healthy lifestyle. 

So, what is the connection between mattresses and fitness performance? Well, quality sleep is vital for recovering and gaining muscle, and a good mattress is essential for proper and undisturbed snoozing. Choosing a adequate bed to rest on will help you to sleep better, and improve your performance, reduce recovery time, help you lose fat faster and ensure your motivation is always strong. 


If you aren’t active, you don’t need as much sleep as someone who lifts weights or runs 3 miles every day. If you are a fitness enthusiast and run an active lifestyle, you desperately need rest in order to perform at your best capacity. The only way to properly recover your muscles and prepare for the next session of intensive training is to get 8 hours of undisrupted slumber. The best model to improve your performance is made of memory foam or latex because they, at the same time, provide exceptional comfort and quality back support. If you tend to overheat, latex models may be a better choice. However, best memory foam mattresses come with cooling gel and will definitely help you to sleep cooler.

Right Mattress for Fitness Gains

Rest and Recovery

During exercise, your muscles tear, and they actually repair and build during rest. Sleeping 8 to 10 hours per night will ensure you wake up every morning more energized, exercise harder and make muscles much faster. Sleeping on a quality mattress will improve your shut-eye and ensure you come back stronger than before. Snoozing also improves mental health and hormonal balance.

Diet and Fat Loss

Sleeping on an old and worn out mattress can also affect your diet. Although it doesn’t seem like it has any correlation, tossing and turning the entire night and being sleep deprived is linked to weight gain and even obesity. Poor sleep can undo the effects of dieting, and when you work so hard to eat clean, this could be a real nightmare. When you sleep less than you should, your hormones may be thrown off, making you hungrier than usual or craving for sweets and junk food. Sleep is also vital for fat loss, and some studies show that lack of slumber may negatively affect fat cell metabolism.


Lastly, sleeping on a quality mattress and waking up refreshed every morning will definitely make your motivation stronger and ensure you give 100% in every training session. On the flip side, inconsistent sleep times and inadequate sleep quantity can negatively affect your motivation and impulse control.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Fitness Gains?

As a fitness enthusiast, before purchasing a mattress, you should consider its comfort and support levels, pressure point relief, spinal alignment, trial periods and price.

Right Mattress for Fitness Gains

Obviously, you want your mattress to be comfortable and supportive. For optimum sleep, you need a bed with a minimum of three layers of support for improved level of support and body contouring. When it comes to pressure point relief, it is best to opt for high-density foam models.

Regardless of what position you sleep in; your spine must be in neutral position. The best models for correct spinal alignment are the ones that have adjustable firmness options. To make sure you have made the right mattress buying decision, it is best to opt for the one that has a trial period. According to experts, you shouldn’t consider purchasing a bed that doesn’t have in-home trial less than 100 days. This is important because your body needs roughly 3 months to adjust to a new bed. Lastly, you should also consider the price. Also, getting a new bed should be considered more as an investment than an expense, you shouldn’t pay a small fortune to sleep better. Experts claim that an excellent mattress shouldn’t cost you more than $2,000.


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