Lower Back Pain

You are more likely to have lower back pain if you are inactive, overweight, regularly lift heavy weights, and sit for long. It often manifests itself as an occasional, dull, mild irritation. When the pain starts to spread down the legs, then you have reasons to worry.

Lower back pain is a known cause of sleeping problems. So how do you sleep better with lower back pain or living life with manual wheelchairs? You need to get enough sleep to properly function in your normal life.

Here is how to sleep better with lower back pain:

Replace your mattress

If you have an old mattress, replace it. Essentially, you shouldn’t use a mattress for more than 10 years. To take good care of your lower back pain issues, you need to have a firm mattress. If anything, sleeping on a soft mattress only makes the pain worse. But don’t just go for any mattress. You must take into account your personal needs and preferences. Remember to try and avoid the situations that make lower back pain worse.

Try Inversion Therapy before Bedtime

Use an inversion table right before going to bed and you will be able to sleep much better. This will help you shift the pressure of gravity on your body and provide traction for your spine. It helps your spine by creating more fluid around the spinal discs, removing waste, decreasing inflammation, and increasing muscle blood circulation. You will benefit by having reduced pain, improved spinal health, increased flexibility, and better sleep.

As an alternative, you can use an inversion chair in place of the table. An inversion chair pretty much functions the same way as an inversion table. The only difference is that you invert while seated instead of standing in an upright position.

Adopt the Right Sleeping Position

Find out which sleeping position is effective in helping ease lower back pain. Ideally, the best sleeping position should feel very comfortable. You may want to put a pillow between your knees before sleeping on your side. The purpose of this is to raise your upper leg to naturally align the spine, pelvis, and hips. If your natural sleeping position is on your back, then you should place the pillow under the knees.

Exercise Your Core

You can improve how good you sleep by engaging in physical activity regularly. Work out your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. This is your core and exercising it is effective in relieving back pain. The idea is to strengthen and flex the muscles so as to lower the likelihood of muscle spasms while asleep. Tighten the muscles by exercising them regularly.

Try Yoga Stretches before Bedtime

Yoga has been shown to help deal with low back pain. It is also an effective stress reliever and has the ability to help you sleep better. Before you start out, ask your doctor to show you the safest poses that won’t worsen your pain. To comfortably hold your poses, use bolsters, and blocks. Enroll in a yoga class to ensure you pose and breathe correctly.

Listen To Slow Music before Sleeping

Your body is naturally adept at learning just about anything, even pain. That is why some types of pain tend to persist long after you have dealt with the root cause. The body learned the pain and couldn’t just get over it.

Listening to slow music before sleeping can help you put your focus elsewhere. Expect to the music to capture you so much so that you will forget about the great pain you are suffering. Simple as it may sound, this is very effective. You may want to listen to the calm music while engaged in some form of guided meditation. It could even be incorporated in your yoga stretches. So long as you get relief from the pain, anything goes.

Don’t Sleep For Longer Than Necessary

It doesn’t really matter how severe the pain is. Do not sleep for longer than you should. If anything, sleeping for longer is only going to make the pain even more severe. Lying down in bed for longer only puts more pressure on your pained lower back. It becomes even worse if you normally sleep on your stomach. Sleeping for at most eight hours a day is the ideal duration for any man or woman with lower back pain.

With these five tips, you will find it very easy to sleep better with lower back pain. What more could you ask for? Take charge of your sleeping needs today.


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