If you’re like most American adults, you’re interested in weight loss. With two out of three adults overweight, and half of those obese, interest in diet plans is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, that interest is also saturated with choices. Atkins, South Beach, DASH, Mediterranean: the list of potential diet plans is seemingly endless. That leaves many individuals frustrated and not sure what to choose, but a few decide that a diet created by established health experts and professionals is worth a look, and so they consider the Mayo Clinic Diet.

The Mayo Clinic website is considered one of the most authoritative websites online for health, medicine, and wellness information and knowledge. Offline, it’s a nonprofit health and wellness organization with major campuses in Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota, with dozens of secondary facilities in other states.

Mayo Clinic’s experts developed the Mayo Clinic Diet, not as just an eating regimen, but in fact a total package of lifestyle adaptations. The diet seeks not to help you lose a set number of pounds in the near future. Rather, the idea is to create a long-standing, sustainable weight-management routine that helps you maintain a healthy weight long after you gain it. It does this largely by busting up older and unhealthy habits and replacing them with new, better habits, while being mindful of the fact that there needs to be enough pleasure and fun in the new habits for the participant to have motivation to stick with them.

Should you choose to follow this diet plan, you can expect encouragement to move your body a half an hour a day as well as eat lots of fruits and veggies. On the other hand, you’ll be highly discouraged from eating while in front of the television. Other core components include identifying your mental, emotional, or spiritual motivation for losing your unwanted pounds; coping with setbacks; and establishing realistic objectives along the way.

The Mayo Clinic diet has numerous and specific advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to follow it. First off, the diet was designed by a team of objective medical professionals at a nonprofit, not one doctor with a preconceived set of notions looking to make a best-seller list. Secondly, you get to focus on food types within the diet, including limitless fruits and veggies; this is emphasized over things like precision counting of grams and calories, which is simply not sustainable over a lifetime. Third, you don’t have to eliminate any food group entirely, as this is a lifestyle, rather than a fad or a fast fix for getting into a swimsuit next month.

This diet comes in two phases. The first is called “Lose It” and might involve up to 5 to 10 pounds of healthy weight loss over the first few weeks. The second phase is called “Live It” where you see a steady decline of a pound or two per week until you are at your target weight.

As with all things medical or health, consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program, but remember this one is among the safest diets out there, considering the source.


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