Keeping your gym clothes smelling fresh is a constant struggle. After an intense workout, it will smell sweaty. In some cases, the odor is too strong that it lingers even after washing. To get rid of the stink, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips that I will be sharing.

Wash It Immediately

 Do not wait for a long time before washing your clothes. Find the time to do the laundry as soon as possible. There is no excuse for you to not wash them. Companies such as Continental Girbau make it possible to have a commercial washing machine almost anywhere, and hence, you can wash your clothes immediately after hitting the gym. If you leave them in the hamper, you’re providing bacteria the opportunity to multiply and to make the clothes more stinky.

Wash Clothes Inside Out

 Whether you’re washing your clothes at home or with the use of a commercial washing machine from, it’s important to turn them inside out. Your clothes are smelling stinky because of dead skin cells, sebum, and sweat that are invisible to the naked eye. If you turn your clothes inside out, the detergent will have a stronger contact with the ones that are responsible for the foul smell.

 Consider Natural Solutions

 A lot of detergents may contain harsh chemicals. They can be effective in masking the odor, but they can affect the overall quality of the clothes. That being said, it will be good to consider using natural alternatives. Using baking soda is highly-recommended since the latter is a natural deodorizer. Just add one cup of baking soda in the washing machine followed by your choice of detergent. Pre-soaking your gym clothes in white vinegar can also prove to be promising.

Dry it Out

 Another good and effective way to fight odor is to hang your clothes outside and harness the power of the sun. This is better than using a dryer. The heat of the sun will be effective in killing the bacteria that can be blamed as the culprit for the odor. Plus, make sure that your clothes are thoroughly dried before they are folded and kept in the cabinet.

Use the Right Clothes

 At the end of the day, the best thing that you can do is to perhaps make sure that you have the right gym clothes. See to it that they have moisture-wicking properties, which is a good way to fight stink brought by sweat. Polygiene Odor Control Technology is one of the innovations in gym clothes that will help solve the problem with foul smell. The latter provides permanent protection from bacteria that cause odor.

For sure, no one wants to have stinky gym clothes! To avoid your workout wear from smelling bad, keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above and it will be easier for you to smell fresh the next time that you hit the gym!


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