Why Leanbean?

We have to confess we were initially drawn to Leanbean because of its quirky name and luxury packaging, the fact that it’s an all-natural, gym product for women got us pretty interested too, so much so that we decided to take a closer look.

Now there’s been quite a lot of negativity around fat burners recently, especially as there are many synthetic and even illegal products out there.

We wanted to be sure about Leanbean and get all the facts,so we went online to read a bit more about the ingredients and science behind the product. Here’s what we found;

What’s in it

The first thing to know about Leanbean is doesn’t hide its ingredients in a blend like some other supplement products out there. Quite often a supplement will only discloses the overall quantity and won’t show you exactly what and how much of each individual ingredient you’re getting. This can mean you end up with an inferior product with smaller doses.

With Leanbean each ingredient is separately and clearly listed and with the quantities you’d expect from a high quality fat burner.

The science behind the ingredients

Now there are quite a few natural ingredients out there that can help with fat burning, and we had come across a few that Leanbean uses before, the one that really caught the eye however was Turmeric.

Turmeric has tended to be associated with things like pain relief in the past and for helping treat different ailments. We looked into it a little more and came across loads of recent studies that are linking Turmeric to weight loss. The advantages really are numerous, and include reduced inflammation in the stomach as well as the creation of ‘good’ fat cells opposed to ‘bad’. Another clever thing we noticed about Leanbean is that it includes Piperine, an extract of black pepper, Piperine is particularly good at helping you better absorb ingredients like Turmeric.

As far as some of the other ingredients went we found solid amounts of the metabolism boosting heavyweights like Cayenne Pepper and Green Coffee. These work by raising your body temperature, meaning you burn fat when your body starts producing the required energy to cool down.

Added to this, Leanbean also uses a very effective appetite suppressant called Glucomannan or Konjac Fibre, this is a totally natural plant extract which is good because it swells in your stomach to stop you getting those chronic hunger pangs and cravings throughout the day.

One other little plus point is that the capsules do not include gelatin and so are perfectly suitable for people on vegetarian or vegan diets.


Leanbean’s dose is spread into 4 capsules a day and it’s always best to take these kinds of supplements with food as it helps with absorption. Whislt the ingredients are all natural they also contain a fair bit of caffeine so you might want to avoid taking it too close to bed time. It also includes Raspberry Keytones which in high doses can give you the jitters, Leanbean only includes a modest amount of this so you’re unlikely to suffer any side effects.

What People said

We also decided to look online at some of the things being said about the product and have picked out a few testimonials here;

Ela, USA–‘So far i’ve found Leanbean really simple to fit in to my schedule and I already feel more energetic and less bloated. I’m quite an active person so Leanbean is perfect for my lifestyle.

Jasmin, Finland  – ‘I have used the pills for the last week now and I think you can already see some results, and I definitely feel more energetic and ready for the day’

Andrea, Italy – ‘Only after 3 weeks I can see satisfying results! I feel so good.


Now the supplement market is really crowded and there’s a baffling amount of choice out there. Leanbean stands out though as a specialist fat burner with some really effective ingredients, and it’s nice to to see a brand put all their eggs in one basket and not feel the need to bombard the market with another protein powder or multi vitamin just for sake of it.

It’s important to remember though that the product is designed with fitness models and gym enthusiasts in mind. Whilst a high quality fat burner is a great way to speed your results it’s important to workout at the same time.


  • Quality Fat burning Ingredients
  • Dedicated to women
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Moneyback guarantee when buying 3 month supply


  • Caffeine might effect sleep if you take right before bed
  • Shipping outside the US and UK may take a couple of weeks


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