Morning sickness

Every women is different and so is each pregnancy. The joy of bringing new life into the world is wonderful. Though the motherhood phase is amazing but there are few traits that comes along it. One of them is morning sickness which is the first sign of pregnancy. During this phase carrying women experience nausea and vomiting feeling. Though it’s common but varied condition which differs in individuals.

Morning sickness is the nauseous feeling often starts around sixth week of pregnancy. It usually happens in the morning and goes off till end of the day. The nausea like feeling during pregnancy often comes with the rise in estrogen levels, low blood sugar count or sensitive for few smell as during pregnancy sense of smell becomes more sensitive which can cause the feeling of nausea.

Along with morning sickness, pregnancy brings along lot of changes to your body as well. Sadly, but true your pre-baby body is gone forever. With the development of baby, the uterus expands causing change in your abdomen. As a result of hormone changes, your muscles, ligaments and skin get affected. But with advancement of science we have the cosmetic procedures for these types of issues.

However, there are cosmetic procedures available to reshape the body. The most popular one is Liposuction. In this process, stubborn fat is removed from the body where it gets accumulated. Through it the fat gets removed from the body forever. You can opt for liposuction surgery in Mumbai for abdominal liposuction as it helps to get your perfect body you ever dreamt of.

For some women experience very light symptoms only in the morning but for some it continues for whole day which can be bothersome. The best part is that nausea and vomiting are common and good sign of pregnancy, so no need to worry about it. Though the condition does not need medical attention but few tips can help you to  get relief from the symptoms of nausea during pregnancy.

Take Rest

Give yourself a break from stressful work and take rest. Try lying down, closing your eyes and few deep breaths to relax yourself. Make sure you sleep properly as is a great way to escape morning sickness. Avoid lying down immediately after having meals, as it can cause feeling of nausea. Get enough stuff for your comfort such as maternity body pillow to help your back and abdomen.

Make Mindful Eating Choice

Try to opt for light foods as fatty and spicy foods increase the stomach acid and might cause the feeling of vomiting. Make sure you eat in small portion which will satisfy your cravings and reduce the chances of nausea as well. Have some salty crackers, protein snack and fruits in the morning.Try to eat less heated food as the smell can cause the vomit sensation.

Be active

During pregnancy, staying physically and mentally active can improve symptoms of morning sickness. It helps your mind to concentrate on other stuff rather than experiencing the uneasy feel.

Stay Hydrated

For good health during this phase, make sure you get proper fluid intake. Remember to drink sufficient water as dehydration can cause the feelings of nausea.

Try Ginger tea

Ginger is good for stomach as it aids digestion and lowers abdominal discomfort. You can have ginger tea as it helps relieve the symptoms of nausea, learn how to grow ginger at home.

Wear loose clothes

It is very usual that tight clothing can cause discomfort and during pregnancy phase it worsens the situation. So, it is always recommended to wear loose fitting clothes to ease your comfort.

Take Vitamins and supplements

Consult your physician for vitamin and ssupplements consumption. These can help with the uneasy feeling of vomiting and reduce nausea.

Avoid Strong Smell

Usually Morning sickness causes increased sensitivity to smell. Take care to avoid the triggers of strong smell as it can worsen the symptoms.

Control acid reflux

Nausea and vomiting usually occur due to acid reflux.Your doctor might recommend antacid medication to reduce stomach acid levels which can reduce morning sickness.Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy.

Thus, healthy lifestyle and getting plenty of rest works for morning sickness. Make sure you receive proper support from your family to cope up with it better.

Morning sickness


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