Admit it, if we had free time in our hands, exercise would not be the first thing that pops into our mind. In fact, many would groan at the idea of exercise. At the end of the day, what with balancing work life and home life, exercising is a luxury that the average working person cannot afford. It is the same way with food. We are so much more concerned with appeasing hunger or cravings that going over the nutritional information of any given meal is usually an afterthought. Takeaways or take-outs are extremely popular for a reason, and that reason is Convenience. Convenient foods are readily available and are generally made up of highly processed products. They usually have a high-calorie and a high-fat content, filled with artificial colors and flavors, and have generally empty nutritional value, but are also very yummy. They are addicting because they fuel our feel-good instincts, they are the stuff of many, many cravings, and that is why it is just so hard to ignore them.

Balanced diet and exercising
Eating a balanced diet and exercising at the same time is doubly hard because of the time and effort that goes into it. In everyday terms, time is a breakdown of the necessary stuff that needs to be done, it is also ranked by priority. Exercise is easily trumped by more important priorities like work, dates, and deadlines, to name a few. So unless exercising is a priority because you have set a goal, then exercising will always be a hard sell. Financial constraint is also a key factor in this. A gym membership means money, work-out clothes cost money, a good sports bra alone is very, very costly. Pair that with meal plans utilizing natural and organic products for a balanced diet, and most people are going to be put off by the thought of all those costs adding up. But with careful planning and determination, you can get past these issues. The internet is full of cooking tips, minute-long exercises you can do at your convenience. A balanced diet also does not depend on expensive produce, it actually matters more on what food your body needs.

Lifestyle changes
But that is not the end of that, the general high that goes along with a new lifestyle change, like going active with exercise, will eventually die if not properly nurtured with motivation. If you are finding excuses for not attending gym sessions, then it means you have lost interest and needs to be motivated back. Address that by taking up a different activity that you actually enjoy doing, something that appeals to you. Avoid thinking of it as losing weight, make it more about the challenge and the experience. Consequently, you will be more involved and be discriminating with the food you eat. If junk food is your problem, then don’t stress it out. According to Janet Jades who did Advocare 24 Day Challenge review┬áit is good to cave into cravings once in a while, she advises that you approach it with moderation.

Biggest Obstacle
You can always work around time and money, but the biggest obstacle will always be yourself. Healthy habits like maintaining a balanced diet together with exercise will be hardest for those who are unmotivated. So take small, gradual steps, to ease yourself on your way to a healthy lifestyle. You will get used to it in time.


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