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Of course, you do not have to be a racer, achieved very low fat to have experienced this on your back or have a potential “victim”. Take for example a person with 30% fat, which after three months intake of 800 calories a day managed to reduce to 20%. Although the percentage of fat is still high, it is possible (though unlikely) also opened the “box”.

What happens next? What might be the consequences – short and long term?

Let’s say for the first time in my life do hypo caloric diet. Download 20 kg relatively easy, then plus (maybe) a little bit more. Time passes, brutal famine has passed and decide that this time will not only download your weight, but you will be able to keep ‘mode’ and then to save the results. This time downloading is much more difficult, although repeat everything from the foreground. The reasons are mainly two. First, although nominal time is likely base your metabolism to work longer at lower “speed”.

For example, if your body is no need 2000 calories to maintain weight before the first “diet” is now satisfied with 1800 i.e. you have slowed your metabolism long term. Second, your body “remembers” previous hunger this time triggered adaptation mechanisms much faster. Anyway, continue with “diet” in spite of hunger and that are extremely frustrated and tired of everything. Hunger and exercise just to maintain weight – really sounds ridiculous.

Continue until you are exhausted physically, mentally or until you get a breakdown of the immune system … And the script with “Pandora’s Box” is played again – sweep a few days everything accomplished. Remain completely disappointed with himself and with even greater metabolic damage. Now is an effort to maintain your weight even before the “mode”. You may proceed, but a new cycle: lower calories -> Eating -> low calorie -> overeating causes more and more metabolic damage. Finally getting metabolism by which the filling and air (figuratively speaking).

In fact, not necessarily to get right. Some people remove weight very low calorie diets, then saved the result. But they are rather exceptions prove the rule. In most cases, it plays precisely this “scenario” or at least what I observe in recent years. Naturally, here is the question: “Well, what to do? How to lose weight properly, what to do when we come to a standstill and how to proceed if we have caused metabolic damage? ”

First, it is important to clarify that these are not metabolic damage in the true sense of the word. This is an adaptation of metabolism to what you do, but with negative consequences. Stress and adaptation are the two fundamental concepts of what is happening. Your metabolism is not “broken” irretrievably and to you to overcome this unwanted adaptation.

Everything is very individual, but of course there are important points of reference from which can outputs each. I guess now you suppose the answer to the first question: Never, never starving, do not keep ultra-low-calorie diets and do not remove too fast weight! I’m not saying that we should not reduce calories. The negative calorie balance is needed to get rid of excess fat. But do it gently and never reach extremes. Sometimes people with relatively good metabolism, but climbed a little weight due to poor eating habits alone “hurt” your metabolism in an effort to quickly get rid of excess weight. Before starting a diet it is important to clarify the genesis of obesity: excess consumption, lack of exercise, slow metabolism because of frequent low-calorie diets, metabolic problems, hormonal problems, “bad” genes, etc.

In most cases simply it comes to taking too many calories. Then needed only minor changes in the diet in the right direction to have a good effect without negative consequences. But you also need to give time to these changes to work in your favor and be patient. You have not uploaded overweight for a few days, why can expect to get rid of them for a while.

Exercise to increase their need for calories – so you can download even without weight almost to reduce food which will lead to adaptation of metabolism or she will be much less pronounced. The weights are preferable to cardio and cardio should not be more than 30% of total training time, possibly high intensity.

If at some point you start to download too fast – do not rejoice! Increase your calorie intake immediately. This will slow down in the short term, but will pay off very long.

Once you reach deadlock – do not make major and drastic changes. Sometimes very small changes make miracles. You can reduce the very few calories or increase slightly training (do not do both together). You can try other tricks like this to apply calorie rotation to replace certain foods or to change the sport.
As I mentioned at the beginning – the metabolism adapts (slowing down) to the intake of fewer calories, whether you are big or small calorie deficit. Just in the small deficit this adaptation is much slower and less pronounced and allows you to achieve your desired weight / fat percentage without the described effects. However advise you as soon as achieve your goals, start slowly and gradually increase your food intake. Even the slight calorie deficit can lead to unwanted adaptation of metabolism if you keep it too long a period of time.

Much more difficult (but not impossible) would be to return your metabolism to normal operating mode if you have already “damaged”. This should not refuse you. When enough perseverance and tenacity not only you can “repair” but to work much better than before (in the sense – to expend more calories).
As long as you download weight very low calorie diet at least as long it will take metabolism to return to its normal level. And in order to function normally, the last thing you need to do is pass mode with a calorie deficit again. You should slowly start increasing food because it is not possible to increase your metabolism without his “show” that increase the calories and does not need to be adapted to work with less.

There is no magic pill or exercise that to “fix” you just have to eat enough. Yes, it is possible to upload some weight during this time, but it is “the price we have to pay” to have an efficient metabolism in the future. So accept the thought that you will have to patiently wait before you begin to lose weight again.
In men, it is relatively easy to achieve. A man will say things like: “Okay, you’ll get less fat, but I will use the time to upload and muscle mass. Let me be “slimy” but at least I’ll be massive “. The man is not such a psychological problem bear 5-10 extra kilos some time. In women, things are much more delicate.

When a woman got back excess weight, she will watch as quickly as possible to go back on the diet. But this is not the right solution and will only deepen the problem. Read Steve Holman’s Steve Holman’s Old School New Body review to find out the best, authentic and quite weight loss tips to start losing weight today.

The real solution (including men as uploading a lot of excess fat is unhealthy and disrupts hormonal status) is very small steps to increase the intake of calories. If you download 12 weeks weight with a low calorie diet at least for so long you will have to increase calories. For example, if you want to return to 1000 calories to your daily intake, it must add 80 calories each week and if it does not upload or weight is not more than 1%. If another adding calories at the end of the week you have uploaded more than 1% weight, calories do not return back down and wait. Usually, if you keep your calories even one week you will lose weight uploaded. But even if it does not, add another 80 calories if you keep your weight next week. Slowly add food will prevent you from uploading large excess weight and boost metabolism every week to operate at a higher speed. Once you reach the cherished 1000 (according to the example or more) calories can start a diet again, but this time the right way – with a slight calorie deficit, possibly charging (more calories) days or periods (after longer-compliance) as and sufficient physical activity, to raise the level of metabolism and does not need a large reduction in food. Although I would advise to wait and try to add more calories even upload some weight.

Some do so step back. I think – so raise the level of metabolism. As the body adapts to low intake of calories, so will adapts to higher. In this way you will much easier to follow mode, because you have to reduce calories greater value i.e. you will eat more and lose weight. You will also have “advance” to “trim” calories with less every time you reach a standstill. And once you reach the goal, this time in the right way again begin gradually increase the calories in order to maintain the results, but with larger amounts of food. So over time and can return to a normal diet (whatever that means to you) without return and weight.

Remember: According to Steve Holman, author of Old School New Body program – “The key to achieving and maintaining satisfactory low levels of subcutaneous fat is not taking too few calories (food) or long and grueling workouts to fit. The key is effective metabolism. To achieve it, not only must press in losing weight, but sometimes it is better even make a step to make then two more to come!


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