Fear of flying or fear of crashing or claustrophobia or fear of being trapped or having panic attack in airplane during longer flight, whatever the phobia type, you need to overcome aviophobia in which you need to learn how to maintain fear and roll it back.
Fear of flying and panic attack in airplane is common, and many people fly in misery, usually resorting it by using tranquilizers or alcohol to manage their flight. Still this is a treatable issue. Here are some factors you need to understand to know how to overcome flying phobia.
Causes of Panic attack during flight
Many people experience it for whole lives. When you try to overcome a phobia, spending lot of time to find the causes of fear is useless. The solution is to find what you feel, and how to respond to it, but it can also be useful to get a little idea of causes of fear of flight. So put all WHY’s on the side and focus on trying to overcome aviophobia.
What are you afraid of?
Usually flying phobia is considered all about crashing, but most people are worried they will have panic, feeling of bout of claustrophobia during flight, losing control, worried about elevators and other cases in which they feel trapped such as back seats of bus or car.
Only few people relate their fear of crash with death. Many are obsessed with images and thoughts of terror of pending death and they start thinking about several minutes before death.
It may help to clearly know what you will fear during flight. This will help you to shape the efforts you need to put to sort it out see more info about 60 second panic Solution here.
How People Respond to Fear?
Most of them avoid flying. However this isn’t the solution because avoiding the airplane journey may leads to loss of opportunities in life. Most of them try hard to not feel this fear. This sounds reasonable, however it doesn’t work because the harder you try to overcome fear the stronger it will get.
Generally, fearful people when they are flying by airplane usually resist their role of being passenger and they try to feel as although they are the one who have the control over all the activities happening out there. By this they actually strengthening and maintaining their fear for bad. Probably, it will be useful to clarify and accept your role as a passenger.


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