Riding a bike is not just about proper body positioning, or balancing a heavy machinery weighing anywhere between 300 to 900 pounds. Anyone who is a pro at riding these pieces of machinery would know how much fitness affects one’s riding capability.

Along with proper maintenance of your bike and all the necessary safety gears for your bike, you need to keep your body in top notch condition as well for a better and safe riding experience.

Fitness is really important if you love to ride motorbikes.

Now you don’t need to have six-pack abs or huge biceps in order to ride a bike, but there are certainly some parts of your body that needs focus.

You need to pay extra attention to your core, lower and upper back, shoulders, legs, and arms, well this pretty much covers the entire body but then you actually use the whole of your body to control and ride this heavy machinery.

Additionally, strength, flexibility, and stamina are the three essential areas that need your focus to improve your riding skills.

Here are 5 essential fitness trainings that are highly recommended by the top guys to improve their riding skills:

1.Build up your Strength

Strong legs, back, core and shoulders are what you need for a high-performance long ride. Legs help you to change your body position and control the bike, so strength training is required to build up strong legs.

Squats, lunges, leg press, leg extension, calf extension are some exercises that you must do regularly for strengthening your legs. Strong hamstrings, glutes, and quads are important to maintain a strong and steady position on the bike.

Similarly, your core and lower back also needs some strengthening for better bike steering and operating the controls. According to expert bike riders, people who complain of aching wrists use the handlebars, instead of their core muscles to support their weight. So building up your core is of utmost importance.

For building up the foundation i.e. the core – plank, cable crunches, hanging leg raise, exercise ball sit-ups are some really effective exercises.

For better grip and control of your handlebars, you also need strong upper back, shoulders and arms. Exercises like Pull-ups and supermans work wonderfully well in strengthening your upper back and shoulder muscles.

2.Build up your Flexibility

Flexibility plays an important role in bike riding. From balancing your body on the machine to maneuvering on the hairpin bends, flexibility plays an important role. You need to be really flexible because at times you can get caught in odd riding positions.

If you get cramps regularly in your hip region or the legs while riding your bike, then it’s a clear sign that your body needs some flexibility training.

Half an hour of Yoga and pilates can help you achieve flexibility.

3.Build up your Stamina

If you think that your motorcycle does all the work, you are wrong, it’s your body that takes the major jolt. Your body does all the tiresome work of controlling and riding the bike. Long trips and hours of riding a motorcycle would undoubtedly make you feel tired and worn out, so it’s no secret that you’ll need a good amount of stamina.

Physical fatigue leads to mental fatigue too and you are prone to making mistakes while riding if you are mentally tired. So, build up your stamina to improve your ability to ride safely.

Cycling and climbing stairs are great for building up the stamina.

 4.Cardio fitness

For guys who hit the gym regularly would know how important cardio exercises are. But for all those who aren’t a regular gym goer, just an intro- cardio fitness enhances the ability of the heart to supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscles. Not only this, it also enhances the muscle’s ability to use the oxygen to supply energy to the movement.

So, if your heart and muscles are pumped up with the oxygen-rich blood, you’ll surely get less tired and the chances of making a mistake while riding would get considerably low.

Cycling, swimming, aerobics, running, jogging, brisk walking are some of the exercises that you can embed in your daily routine for cardio fitness. As mentioned above, these exercises also help in building your stamina.

5.Pay attention to the overall fitness

Regular motorbike riders need to pay attention to the overall general strength of their body. Be it endurance, flexibility or cardio, you must feel good and strong from inside. Along with the proper exercises, care should be taken to have proper nutrition too. Staying hydrated also plays an important role in focusing.

Cardio is something that should be done regularly, whereas other strength building exercises such as, push-ups, planks, crunches etc can be done twice a week. Best is to focus on one part of your body each week and work towards building up that area.

Lastly, pay attention to your posture while riding a bike. Do as the masters do, they don’t slouch, rather they sit with their hips back and back flat. If your posture is good, you’ll be more alert and will be able to control the motorcycle more efficiently.

Keeping these points in mind will make your riding skills better and keep you safe as well.

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