Almost all of the work done by us is all owing to our brain. However, it does not get attention, love & care that it really deserves. When most of us attempt to get healthy, our main focus solely remains on physical attributes, which is so wrong. We change our eating habits & adopt a workout routine. All this is truly wonderful but incomplete too. It is the time to know there do exist something known as mental health. If anyone really wants to be happy in his life,  physical health as well as mental health both must be at the top of priorities list. If today you get determine to have only a positive state of mind, you will be much more capable to function in your day to day life. Being positive is specifically necessary when you are facing any challenges. Here are some tips that might just aid you stay positive & beat your all anxieties & depressions:

1):- Accept yourself the way you are: This is a great step forward. There are lots of folks struggling each day with their self-esteem & self-worth. It is wrong to deny we all are often bombarded with images & running commentary telling us how we’re going to or “supposed” to look & behave. It is tough to find value & feel happy & pretty when you’re continuously comparing yourself to others. We mean, why should you? It is necessary to struggle for improvements but you should always keep in your mind that you can do it when you will realize you are going to do it only for yourself, not for anybody else. You are you & that is pretty fabulous. You need not to look like anybody else. Never. Ever. You need only to look as a better version of yourself. There is nothing much valuable in this world that being the best you possible.

2):- Eat healthy: You must have heard this countless times. But it is obvious as it is truth. You need not to eat any particular type of food but just avoid nutritionally void & processed foods. By having such food dip in chemicals, you are actually doing yourself a disservice. If you opt to eat clean, fresh, & whole foods, your body & brain will function much better. These processed foods have chemicals that influence your brain in a very negative way. If you continuously have feels of being anxious or stressed out, you must cut out caffeine & foods that have large amounts of sugar & salt.

3):- Appreciate the little things you have: We are so absorbed in our lives that we do not spare even a minute to notice the little things we have. Once a day or even once a week, you must slow down, put away all of your electronics, breathe, go for a long walk, notice whatsoever comes in your way, & then meditate. Think about all things that you have rather than feeling sad about what you do not have. You can even pet a dog or any animal. Doing things like this really flourish your mind.

4):- Talk about your feelings: It is really ok to talk about it. No matter how you are feeling, you must not lock your feelings inside. Often we feel like not burdening someone else with our troubles but sharing them can aid your process & work through them. You can even take professional help. Consult an online psychiatrist and do not hesitate as most of us hesitate in going to experts when it is about mental health, have you ever reconsider your decision even for a second before going to any doctor if you are having the fever? Well… No. So, why now? Just remember, nothing is important than “you”. Not even any stereotype-mentality.

5):- Focus on what you can control: Not each thing is going to happen as per your plan, each time. And that is okay. Worrying & thinking over-much about things you are bit powerless to alter will merely stress you out. It is better to look at what you can control. If these task seems so large, you can break it down into smaller tasks. There is always be something in life you’re unable to control. You need to identify it & let it go.

6):- Use your failure to promote your success: You must learn the art of detecting your mistakes, learning from them & do better the next time around. If you let yourself to wallow in failure, you will convince yourself that you can not do it. But you can. “Yes, I can” – this MUST be your mantra & in your mind 24/7.


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