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Now that this crazy year is winding down and we are looking forward to 2021, many folks feel a bit of stress. We have trouble sleeping through the night, which has dire consequences on our bodies the next day. It’s understandable, considering the pandemic, economy and political concerns around the world. It is important to realize that everything you eat can have an impact on your mental and physical well-beings. At least you can be proactive and rely on the smartest foods, like hemp gummies, to completely relax your system. 

1 CBD Gummies

You must have heard all about powerful CBD products by now. After all, the best CBD treats on the market are wonderful for helping folks manage all types of pressure. Made from completely organic cannabidiols, the colorful gummies come in a giant selection of shapes and sizes to satisfy any individual’s taste. A buyer can choose from clear gummy bears, striped rings, rainbow ribbons, worms and cherries in various strengths and sizes. You can enjoy the CBD edibles during the day at the office, as an appetizer before dinner, or as a bedtime snack to improve sleep. The next morning, you can roll out of bed looking and feeling completely energized. To top it off, edible gummies are completely safe, as it is not even possible to overdose on CBD. 

2 Honey

From the Ancient Egyptians to American Indians and today’s professional athletes, men and women have been using honey for a handful of reasons. For starters, its natural sugars raise insulin levels and tryptophan, not unlike a Thanksgiving dinner. In other words, honey can help you sleep like a baby. The high amount of potassium soothes the human brain. Meanwhile, the carbohydrates in honey supply an energy burst when playing sports. 

3 Nuts

When the time comes for a filling snack that is rich in everything from zinc and magnesium to vitamins B and E, a large supply of nuts will do the trick. Both fiber-rich pistachios and cashews with vitamin B6 lessen vascular stress. The omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts can improve one’s concentration skills and overall frame of mind. Just be careful, as enjoying too many walnuts can make a person’s fat and calories skyrocket. The same can be said about all the sodium found in peanuts. As long as you enjoy the snack in moderation, feel free to go nut.

4 Bananas

Need a healthy pick-me-up? Reach for a banana. After all, eating a couple can supply your body with all the energy it needs to exercise for 90 minutes at a time. At the same time, serotonin can be boosted, quickly putting a smile on your face. Its high potassium and low amount of salt make it ideal for handling high blood pressure. Heartburn can quickly be fought off. The fruit is even high in iron, as well as fiber to counter constipation. Restoring a state of peace couldn’t be any easier.

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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