Building muscle is a core part of so many different workout regimens. Strength has plenty of benefits in real life, after all. It’s also great for building confidence and competing in sports. There are all kinds of tips on how to do it, but what’s truth? What are the core practices you need to make sure you’re actually building? We do away with gimmicks and get down to the real stuff, so read on.


Building muscle when exercising is a lot more about targeting different parts of your body than weight loss. With weight loss, exercising reduces fat everywhere. With muscle building, you need to take the time to work through all your muscle groups. In particular, we recommend focusing on your core to start with. It can help you build the stamina to work on other muscle groups and gives you great abs at the same time.

Mistakes to avoid

However, that does not mean that all exercise regimes are viable! There are quite a few mistakes we see that can cause injury, never mind hindering your progress. If you’re lifting, have someone to spot you that has more expertise. Until you build your own knowledge of form, they can demonstrate what you’re doing wrong and prevent you from hurting yourself.


Even more than in losing weight, your diet is incredibly important to building muscle. Protein intake is a massive part of this. But there are other things you should shaping your diet around. Omega-3 builds a high amino acid environment in your body that accelerates fat loss amongst other things. Nuts give a great supply for calories that you need for energy without padding your muscle with fat, too. It’s not all about protein.


You’re probably no stranger to the idea of a protein shake. The fact is that getting that much protein in your diet is not easy, so supplements can help you on your way. Others, like Tribulus Terrestris, can help if you’re low on testosterone. Testosterone is a key to building muscle and lacking it can severely affect your mental health and motivation, too. Just like with the diet, you need to consider more than just protein.


An ever-so-important step that so many amateur bodybuilders just seem to miss entirely. You really need to take care with your recovery. Failing to do so can lead to injury, a buildup of scar tissue that makes it more difficult to work out and a less effective regimen in general. Do your stretches, massage knots out of your muscles and get rest between sessions.


An important part of that rest is sleep. But sleep in your daily life is important to helping you gain muscle, too. Growth hormones rise significantly in your sleep, being one of the key reasons that you can more the next day than you could the day before. Set a sleep schedule and keep to it. Then you won’t have any difficulties producing those hormones for maximum muscle building potential.


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