Inversion therapy

The main purpose of using inversion table is to eliminate back pain. They are created to use the gravity and to offer some traction in the portion of pelvis and spine. The therapy generally involves lying at an angle of downward. It not only deals with the back pain but also with the blood circulation inside the body.

Fast guidelines about Inversion Table

The below guidelines are the precautions which one undergoing the inversion table therapy must follow:

  1. Get Familiar with the boundaries

You must know that even the best inversion table cannot substitute the treatments or the advice that is offered by an orthopaedist, physiotherapist, or your most preferred doctor. It has been observed that in spite of its high recommendation doctors cannot assure the complete healing of the spine in the long run. Thus, it can be said that inversion tale is the best way to get relief from back pain for short tenure.

The primary advantage of inversion table it does not need you to hang in an inverted posture. All you need to do is to comfortably lie down and invert at “incremental downward angles”.

  1. Climb the table slow and steady

Adjust the table height as well as the angle as per your convenience.  Climb the table and slide yourself into a position so that you are looking at the ceiling. Then adjust the straps at your ankles. It is advised to wear a shoe while performing the therapy for a smooth experience.

Lift both the hands and push yourself back for the table to recline and attempt to relax for a specific amount of time. If you are heavy and could not achieve the downward angle position all by yourself you can take help of any other person till you get habituated to it.

  1. See your personal doctor

If you are suffering from average to a severe backache which is troubling you for more than a week or so you should consult your family doctor. It is quite obvious that the personal doctor of yours is not a specialist to treat such case. However, with the help of diagnosis like x-ray he/she will be able to tell you the cause and the subsequent therapy to get rid of it.

  1. The inversion table is not always the one stop solution

You are strictly not allowed to use the inversion table therapy if you are diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Pregnancy
  • Injury in the spinal cord
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infection in the middle ear
  • Hypertension
  • Acute obesity
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Multiple sclerosis, etc
  1. Begin your therapy with the reclining to the lowest degree possible

Assume your table to be a tiny bed which is reclining. Thus, recline your table at an angle of 60 degrees from the level positions. If you are not familiar with using the inversion table then begin with a slight decline. Remember, while declining that head must be at a comparatively lower level than the feet at least to an extent of 10 degrees.

Starting with high angles at first will leave you dizzy and cause aches in back.

  1. Consult a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are the persons who deal with all kinds of back and spine pain. They are not very likely to recommend inversion table therapy to their patients. If they are recommending the therapy for someone then they have done a detailed analysis of the patient’s problems and symptoms.

Once they prescribe you the therapy then they will make an elaborate prescription of the therapy.

  1. Place the inversion table in a wide open space

Inversion tables are specially manufactured to use at home. Hence, they are not only affordable but also easily available at any chemist or rehabilitation stores.

  1. See a physical therapist

A physical therapist is only needed if you get a green signal from your doctor to try the inversion therapy. The person will guide you with all the stretches and moves your body needs.

  1. Adjust inversion table as per your height

To increase the efficiency inversion table comes with height adjustment features. This feature if manipulated accurately will give better results. Do not forget to tighten the knobs securely before binging on the exercise as a little bit of carelessness may lead to a serious accident.


These are helpful tips for the beginners who are just about to start with the therapy. The above suggestions are also helpful for those who are not aware of the proper guidelines for using the table. This table is one word is a wonder for eliminating the back pain. Though the result is short-term, it is effective and soothing. So next time you are about to start your therapy follow these suggestions for a better experience. The alternative of an inversion table is inversion boots.


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